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We are always in need of radicals who are also lovable, and so we would do well to remember Eugene Victor Debs. Ninety years ago, at the time The Progressive was born, Debs was nationally famous as leader of the Socialist Party, and the poet James Whitcomb Riley wrote of him: “As warm a heart as ever beat.

Written: January, 1999First Published: 1999Source: The Progressive magazine Online Version: E.V. Debs Internet Archive, 2008Transcribed/HTML Markup: David Walters, 2008
Do “progressives” understand that Democrats have been instrumental in the passage of all legislation of beneficial interest to the public good – “establishment Democrats” – like Nancy Pelosi, John Lewis and LBJ?   Do progressives get it’s not corporatism or the corporations so hated by Debs and Sanders that are to blame for sociopathic greed, it’s the CEOs and regulations gone awry,  because Capitalism must be regulated to control the power and spread of sociopathic greed.   Do progressives understand economics any better than Debs?  Or that human nature does not allow socialism to be a functional valid concept, the last time Socialism was put to the test was in Amana Iowa.

After nearly a century of cooperative living, the utopian Amana colonists of Iowa begin using U.S. currency for the first time.The wide-open spaces of the West have always appealed to visionary reformers attempting to start new societies.

The problem is that unfettered greed has turned into the road to Fascism in America, and treason is secondary to financial gluttony, no matter who feeds it.  Making everyone equal financially is a fallacious pipe utopian Quixotic pipe dream, but creating a doctrine of fairness with rational regulation to put greed back in the cage so carefully constructed in the shadows of the Great Depression is possible if progressives and Democrats discern their common roots.
It is possible to correct the destruction of Glass-Steagall that combined with the 1956 Bank Holding Company Act held greed at bay for decades, which helped create a successful middle class and a society that found some self interest in the common good, if so-called progressives become better informed along with all the under-informed Democrats.  However, it is also necessary to let go of unfounded opinions and recognize the distinction between opinions and conclusions resulting from well-informed, rationally reasoned objective factual analysis.
It’s time to understand the meaning of progressive, and that a utopian society is a pipe dream.
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