Congressional Democrats, on high moral ground, setting an excellent example for all Congressional sociopathic Republicans, and their deplorable base, kicked Franken to the curb thereby establishing “squeaky clean” standards of behavior with consistently rigid consequences no matter the level of transgression or lack of equivalency.

This public act of lynching by highly principled Democrats, instigated by Senator Kristen Gillibrand, joined by so many of her colleagues, has clearly been motivated by their sincere political intent for all Democrats to be perceived as “squeaky clean” – hence provides prima facie evidence of Congressional Democrats’ moral superiority.

From patting a “tush” for a photo op to sexual abuse, assault or rape, thank god now all must have the same “consistently rigid” mechanically operative consequences in the eyes of the indignant principled Democrats.

Here is the comment from a woman in this New York Times article: Mary Connecticut 8 hours ago:

“I am concerned over the slash and burn statements and assumptions of some women politicians and women lawyers. The case that allegedly abused victims have all the rights and the alleged abusers have none—in the case of Al Franken not even the right to an unbiased investigation into the accusations—is frightening, and in a less frenzied atmosphere might be grounds for disbarment. The assumption (heard on CNN) that all men over 55 had better watch out is equally chilling—is there some age threshold under which all men are innocent? And finally the assumption that only men are abusers flies in the face of reality. It is time to calm down, take a deep breath, sit down and have a measured conversation free of accusation, preconceived assumptions, and defensiveness. My guess is that we would learn much more from each other—men and women alike—than we will in the current overheated rhetoric of witch hunts, lynching’s, and anonymous allegations.”

And this from the same article: Savannah 7 hours ago:

“Have the editors noticed that something like 98% of the commenters strongly oppose the forced resignation of Sen. Franken on either process or false equivalence?

When Pres. Clinton was impeached, it was a partisan abuse of power. His affairs were consensual and except in one case predated his presidency. Kenneth Starr spent a fortune in his investigation finding that one of the women lied, another accepted money, and the end result was accusing Clinton of a minor lie. At the same time several of the investigating Republicans were engaged in extramarital affairs of their own including with a young staff member (Gingrich) or paying blackmail for child abuse (Hastert).

Once again, now led by Gillibrand, sexual politics are being used to destroy people. No investigation including into the validity of the accusations and no consideration of equivalence with the president’s and Moore’s sexual crimes.”

My Comment: E. Henry Schoenberger Shaker Hts. Ohio 3h ago

“In demanding Mr. Franken’s resignation…” Democrats involved play directly into the hands of Republicans propagandizing what can’t be called sexual abuse. To think that demanding the resignation of one of the best Democrats in the Senate, perhaps the one most feared by Republicans, to establish being on a high moral ground as an example to Republican’s who don’t care about treason, Social Security, the fact of a real serial sexual abuser in the oval office, or sexual abuser pedophile running for the senate now, is irrational at best.

Franken’s apology for inappropriate behavior was sincere. However for the 35 Democrats to use Franken as their personal scapegoat to wash away past, and probable present, sins of real sexual abusers is an idiotic attempt to be “squeaky clean” and clearly hypocritical as well as dysfunctional. To not establish a modicum of due process and sacrifice Franken is self-evident self defeating behavior when taking into consideration the Republican’s 4 decades of war against the public good in behalf of their sociopathic greedy benefactors.”

The vast majority of Democrats including hoards of women, like members of my family, who have suffered actual sexual abuse are vehemently against Franken’s resignation; and have lost considerable respect for these Congressional Democrats. So what does this Democrat (undemocratic) public lynching of a Democrat warrior for the common good, who introduced legislation for victims of rape, prove or achieve?

It must be self-evident to these Democrat Queens and Kings that this is the right way to send a message to the family values Republicans, who are sociopaths united behind the election of a pedophile to the United States Senate, that Democrats have zero tolerance for inappropriate behavior, and have now set a precedence that all transgressions no matter how small or large will be subject to the same sentence because all that matters is consistency. So in the future, any person accused of any inappropriate act will be treated exactly the same as a serial sexual abuser.”

Tricia, California 16 hours ago: Will other lawmakers who abuse their power be held to the same standard?

“The fact that we seem to be infantilizing women, painting them as helpless, is not good for women. Getting your butt pinched in public is annoying, and you can tell him to knock it off. Being in a room alone with a powerful man who exposes himself and forces himself on you is not the same. That is a crime.

Weinstein, Lauer, Moore, Trump are criminals. Franken is an annoyance. Why are we doing this to women? It will backfire if we assume women are helpless victims.”

What better way could there be to prove the principled moral superiority of Congressional Democrats than to scapegoat Franken; who just happens to be leading the charge against Beauregard Session’s perjury and the treasonous Republican collaborators. So, of course, the fact that Roger Stone paid Franken’s signature accuser Tweeden, raunchy GOP troll, to kick of the GOP attack to propagandize Franken to get rid of him is of no import to the principled Democrats looking down from their lofty principled high ground of morality.…/360726-stone-appeared-to-know-franken-allegation-was-coming…/…

Scapegoating Al Franken does serve as an example to Republicans (and the vast majority of critical thinking functionally pragmatic Democrats with balls) that touchy feely always civil and empathetic clueless Democrats and their Congressional leaders prefer to shoot themselves in the crotch in lieu of functionally fighting back against the Republican war against the common good and the truth.

E. Henry Schoenberger Shaker Hts. Ohio4h ago

“Claiming moral high ground to Republicans, who support pathological liars, American treasonous collaborators and serial sexual abusers, even of a 14 year old girl? Do Democrats hear how absolutely asinine and devoid of reason or any semblance of critical thought this excuse for stupidity sounds?”

What do you think?

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