“The mission of the FBI is to protect and defend the United States against terrorist and foreign intelligence threats, to uphold and enforce the criminal laws of the United States, and to provide leadership and criminal justice services to federal, state, municipal, and international agencies and partners; and to …Sep 26, 2014. Organization, Mission and Functions Manual: Federal Bureau of …”

Comey facilitated Putin propaganda. How is it not an intelligence threat for Russia to have  “hacked,” (stolen) emails given to Assange, Russia’s puppet, to release with the intent to tank Hillary and help Trump,  to be used as powerful propaganda to smear Hillary?

Concurrently Comey, according to his self-serving excuse, “had to — pre-empt his rogue Manhattan FBI agent’s leak of the news emails from Weiner’s server involving Hillary were under investigation.”   Really, what is the difference between leaking or releasing the letter Comey released directly to Congress?

Did Comey think his letter would not immediately become THE NEWS TO PARSE UNTIL ALL THE PEOPLE WHO PLANNED TO VOTE WERE AWARE OF THE IMPLIED INSINUATIONS,  Then 2 days before the elections the announcement – forget a further investigation, the emails on Weiner’s server did not really involve Hillary – after the damage had be done.

So Assange  released  vast clouds of Email methane over America to intervene in, tamper with and intended to subvert the results of 11/8 – a worst day in American History than 9/11.     Putin must believe he has some control over due to Trump’s financial ties to Russia.

How can Russian election tampering to avoid dealing with a tough brilliant experienced former great Secretary of State who knows what a sociopathic strong man like Putin is, not be worse than an intelligence threat?

Ironically, the FBI now agrees with the CIA, the hacked emails were from Russia. Obama has pointed out this means Putin.

It is self-evident the word email as applied to Hillary is a psychological trigger, that results in a Pavlovian response of loathing, and untrustworthiness. Bill Clinton explained, there is the Hillary the media made up and the real Hillary.  

The fact of Comey’s complicity with Russians is clear, from knowledge of how the last minute release of his letter paralleled Assange’s release of the hacked emails – all intended to tank Hillary .

Comey and his Republican FBI rogue cohorts can’t be naïve about the impact of propaganda, or naïve that the word Email connected to Hillary is a nuclear trigger.

Remember, Comey called Hillary’s inconsequential emails – extremely careless, because the FBI could find no reason to indict. Translation: Hillary did nothing wrong. Comey’s mischaracterization was malicious inflammatory propaganda.

For Comey, (as the head of the FBI), to have publically circulated a letter through Congress to the media contending the FBI was investigating more emails related to Hillary – only days before the election – must logically be regarded as collusively complicit with crystal clear Russian intentions to stop Americans from voting for Hillary.

It is germane to observe that Comey’s dangerously reckless behavior in facilitating Russian propaganda defines the meaning of Election Tampering; and the day after 11/8 illustrates why Election Tampering is illegal.

Trump reached out to Russia for help in defeating Hillary. Reached out to Putin, a dictator who is no friend of any Democracy, let alone the U.S.

  • Trump Urges Russia to Hack Clinton’s Email – The campaign later attempted to clarify Trump’s remarks, saying he wanted Russia to hand over the emails if they had them.  By Michael Crowley and Tyler Pager .07/27/16 01:59 PM EDT Updated 07/27/16 05:17 PM EDT

Comey, the closet Republican, well understood the impact of his complicit collusion with Trump’s campaign, with Russian propaganda, and what it intended. Witness the Parana-like media in its Hillary feeding frenzy on Comey’s Email letter until about 2 days before 11/8. When several days before the election some members of the Press decided to stop reacting like mad dogs and became skeptical to distance themselves from their participation in disingenuous dissemination of the Putin’s powerful propaganda.

Evidence from known historical empirical realities and fact based opinions from experienced objectively honest political operatives elicits the logical conclusion that: Comey, with his FBI accomplices, willfully and intentionally released the FBI letter publically, using the Eword to trigger and evoke the avalanche of additional negative public opinion toward Hillary at the worst possible moment in any election.

Comey’s letter was willfully and intentionally circulated to create increased public antipathy toward Hillary to reduce voters favorable to Hillary.

It is empirically manifest that blatant collusive conspiratorial Election Tampering altered the anticipated results. Anticipated results derived from legitimate polls and valid numbers prior to Comey’s letter  reassured Democrats familiar with all the political stats that she would win – she was 5 to 8% ahead in the states required for victory.


There is no logic to the excuse there is nothing evidentiary to prove the votes were rigged or the machines, notwithstanding 86 machines in Detroit with ballots not containing one vote for president. Don’t forget to consider the Democrat vote in 2016 was lower due all the GOP efforts for the past decade to repress minority voting rights – culminating with the terrible Supreme Court Decision regarding voting rights.

If the machines were not rigged – the voters were rigged – stuffed full of Putin supplied Putin propaganda to make uncertain voters gag before voting for Hillary.

Is it not self-evident that the mutual goal of Putin’s and Comey’s empirically collusive Election Tampering was to make Trump the winner?

What is not clear about the fact that rogue FBI agents were Comey’s accomplices and complicit in the letter release – which had no purpose other than propaganda to smear Hillary. The letter release was an act to subvert and conspire against the vital process of fair elections to preserve our Free Democracy.    The letter was made public to change the likely result; therefore this was a blatant act of “rigging,” ELECTION TAMPERING AND WORSE.

Putin’s overt intervention to elect Trump was against the best interests of America. And intended to subvert and corrupt the basic underlying and most fundamental principle of our Republic – free and fair elections to preserve Freedom, to honor the will of we the people.

Is the FBI not charged with the sacred duty of protecting America from this kind of subversive activity?  

Did Putin want an American President who he knew from extensive personal experience, was a strong brilliant exceptionally experienced competent Woman? A woman President who would forcefully, and publically when necessary, oppose Russian lies and deceit at every turn of his egoist, unbridled self-interest – a woman with the power to emasculate his disingenuous deceit?  Did he want a President that understood and rejected his personal and renewed dedication to the renewal of Russian power for his own ego, not of beneficial interest to the Russian people or to the globe? Did Putin want to deal with a woman who would have been the most powerful person in the world?   Or did he want a President who had personal financial ties to Russia, ties that could allow Russia to exert undue influence.

America has been worse than Watergated.

Watergate was just a Republican break by hired spies to steal Democrat Presidential election information, and the ensuing cover up.   Comey facilitated and was complicit in Russian’s intent to help Trump, and changed the course of an American Presidential Election by releasing the Email letter which was propaganda created under Putin’s direction and handed to the FBI. Comey fully realized releasing the carefully phased letter would cause am avalanche of the familiar Media Email frenzy. And the Media, the Republican’ propaganda conduit did its job just days before the vote.

At best this is election tampering and at worst, according to prominent Constitutional lawyers, constitutes treason.  

Hillary won the election by a plurality of about 3,000,000 votes, so the Electoral College now must step up to the line to defend our election process, by recognizing what has actually been done to rig voters and subvert our free election process. Electors can pick any Republican to vote for, but America needs 37 Electors to act in the best interests of preserving untampered with elections in America, which would be to not vote for Trump.

If the Electoral College does not do its intended duty, the last line of defense will be individual brilliant Constitutional trial lawyers forming a pro bono group to argue in the Supreme Court the importance of stopping this election.   To allow this severely corrupted election to be confirmed, is to allow Russia, rogue FBI agents, and the majority of Americans to think America is not willing to defend our Republic’s most sacred ethic and guiding principle – fair, free and untampered with elections.

The controlling material substance of the incredible deceit is self-evident. Yet the AG and Obama, of course joined by all the lying Republicans, adopted a posture there were no evidentiary voting irregularities. So there is no choice but to say the election was valid?  And the decision to avoid the clusterfuck certain to follow stopping the illicit election from going forward, is nothing compared to the danger of Trump and Russia’s presumably hold on a President of the U S!

The FBI was complicit in facilitating Russian Election Tampering, Russian Tampering Trump specifically solicited publically by asking Russia to, “hack away.”

Is there no awareness of the power of powerful propaganda? What about lessons from Goebbels and Hitler?

Where is the resolve to stand up for Truth? How can this election be allowed to stand?

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