Throw away reality and dive into the delusional world of CPAC.  Where headliner Christie, the tarnished bloated bridgegate piñata made an impassioned plea for the “2 guys” who have “created so many jobs.”

Of course the Kochs are the 2 guys, and everyone who is rational and concerned for humanity knows how mistreated and misunderstood they  have been.  Why they have been against health insurance for millions of the their fellow Americans, and founded  the Teaparty to rescue Americans from its own government, and have spent more in total supporting candidates against social welfare of beneficial interest to 98% of Americans than the total spent on all the elections in 2012.  Wow, how unfair, and it’s a good thing the GOP let the bloated piñata (under investigation by the FBI, perched on the edge of possible indictment) back in.  Who do you think is now funding Christie, maybe the same 2 guys who have turned NPR into a sewer of nonpartisan, never correct the lies, docile news readers and obsequious Koch lackey interviewers?

  • The Democrats “are the party of intolerance, not us!”
  • “We have to stop letting the media define who we are, and what we stand for,” Christie said later. “Because when we talk about what we’re for, no matter what state we’re in, our ideas win.”
  •  “Leadership,” Christie said, “is not about standing on the sidelines and spit-balling.”

Leadership is about closing a minor bridge between Manhattan and New Jersey and then denying all connections to the 42 people subpoenaed so far.  Clearly great men like Christy, (Bobby and Marco) McConnell, Ryan, Paul, Boehner and Issa know about leadership.  They also are adept at shutting down Congress, to block anything their bi-racial President proposes for his fellow Americans.

Leadership is best defined by Ted Cruz:

  •   “We must stand on principles” – and outlined a series of proposed solutions to provide a better future for the country?  (Really? – like obstructing Congress and every proposal for the social welfare of beneficial interest to we the people.)
  •  “We need to abolish the IRS,” calling for a Flat Tax system that would enable Americans to file their taxes “on a postcard.”  (This is what  the Koch’s want and so this is what their paid for lackey and leading Koch puppet has regurgitated)
  •  “total repeal of ObamaCare.”

 It is time to acknowledge “conservative” is doublespeak for NUTS ABOUT THE KOCH BROS.

 Where else can you see men of McConnell’s stature wildly waving weapons for TV cameras, as a symbol of support for Wayne La Pissoire’s handlers, the gun manufacturers of America, and possibly Switzerland?  The message is clear, guns are fun, go to a gun show and kill a hot dog – with a military automatic weapon, or if you are more sporting, with a cross bow just like in the Dark Ages.

Conservative means you are probably one of the 49% of us who rigidly believe in creationism, literally!  So get behind Jesus, who was killed (maybe) because he was for the 99% when at a time when the 99.8% where only alive to build pyramids and die.

“People are looking at Putin as one who wrestles bears and drills for oil,” Palin said to Fox News’s Sean Hannity on Monday night. “They look at our president as one who wears mom jeans and equivocates and bloviates.”  Palin is spot on!

There is nothing like the brilliant, ever insightful Palin to liven up and add substance to any conservative party.  Her astute observation that the President wears mom jeans is so cogent there is no way to respond to such breathtaking news.  Maybe she is turning to flab under her tight jeans and is worried Obama is not?

So the message of the Teaparty CPAC annual convention of lunatics is:

  1. To be against the minimum wage.
  2. To be against Obama care.
  3. To be against Social Security.
  4. To be against Medicare.
  5. To be against Medicaid.
  6. To be against women.
  7. To be against food stamps – children/families/the poor.”
  8. To be against public education.
  9. To be against head start.
  10. To be against a Government that is of the people, by the people and for the people.

CPAC is a convention for racists and misogynists who are funded by the Kochs and a few others to promote their will on we the people in support of their voracious sociopathic greed and Christian Reconstructionism.  (SEE:

GOP principles and ideas are self-evident.  Orwell would applaud Duck-Speak.

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