The danger to our Democracy is from within.  We have spent countless billions on wars and Homeland Security since 9/11 yet the real Terrorists live within our borders and are the leaders of the Teaparty/GOP and their financial backers.

Dominionism: The theocratic idea that regardless of theological view or eschatological timetable, heterosexual Christian men are called by God to exercise dominion over secular society by taking control of political and cultural institutions.” …” Dominionists want to impose a form of Christian nationalism on the United States, a concept that was dismissed as eroding freedom and democracy by the founders of our country.  Dominionism has become a major influence on the right-wing populist Tea Parties as Christian Right activists have flooded into the movement at the grassroots….”  (

From a vitally important article written by Chris Hedges:

Ted Cruz, Dominionism and Jesus

U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz — whose father is Rafael Cruz, a rabid right-wing Christian preacher and the director of the Purifying Fire International ministry— and legions of the senator’s wealthy supporters, some of whom orchestrated the shutdown, are rooted in a radical Christian ideology known as Dominionism or Christian Reconstructionism.

This ideology calls on anointed “Christian” leaders to take over the state and make the goals and laws of the nation “biblical.”  It seeks to reduce government to organizing little more than defense, internal security and the protection of property rights.  It fuses with the Christian religion the iconography and language of American imperialism and nationalism, along with the cruelest aspects of corporate capitalism.  It also fuses with the Koch Cabal’s Libertarian dreams, The Family exposed by Jeff Sharlett, and the beliefs of the John Birch Society….”

All the media labels which supposedly characterize groups on different sides (of the truth) offer no meaningful analysis but are only a regurgitation of self-labels like: conservative, right wingers, Libertarians, the Christian right, right to life (whose?) and the ever popular – Republican philosophy.  So the media has not done much of job to inform us about what the essence is of all who prefer to “down size” our Government by obstruction, blockading Congress and creationism to reality.  More from this critically important article:

Take a look at this mission statement copied directly from the Koch Cabal’s go to place to funnel their $Millions to right wing organizations, 2009 Donors Trust 990.  Caps are theirs, emphasis is mine.

This is what the GOP has been working towards for 80 years and fits perfectly with the Dominionist view of governance.


The minute FDR signed The New Deal into law, the right wing got very organized and has been working for 80 years now to undo The New Deal.  What the uber wealthy really want is unfettered wealth pursuit with no legally imposed social justice for the rest which is cloaked in The Flag, Christianity (their version), Lower Taxes for All, and Liberty (again, their version).

For a tedious, yet illuminating, rife with links, Exposé, read

Exposé – 80 Years of Planning: The Kochs + The Family + Birchers = TEA PARTY Disinformation Machine

Ted Cruz is following in his father’s footsteps in the same manner the Koch Brothers are following in their father’s and grandfather’s footsteps (<– an interesting read).  Much of the Koch brothers’ ideology can be found in Harry Koch’s newspaper editorials of nearly a century ago. Take, for instance, the Kochs’ current fight against Social Security. Harry Koch took part in a multi-year right-wing propaganda campaign to shoot down New Deal programs. Grandfather and grandsons employ eerily familiar talking points to bash government pension and welfare programs. The path Cruz, the Tea Party, Republicans, and the Koch Cabal embrace, if they succeed, will be the end of America as we know it.

It Can Happen Here, a great read although not that well written by Sinclair Lewis.

Also read:  Chris Hedges: The Idiots Who Rule America…”

For those who would like to find out how the Koch Cabal is working in your state, I highly recommend learning how to search the Koch Cabal tax returns.  Instructions here.”

Koch Cabal Can’t Hide – Searchable IRS Forms Online! w/Instructions   (end of article)

My newest book, How We Got Swindled*…, exposes the result of what Dominionism/Christian Reconstructionism has accomplished by creating the ethic of – the survival of the richest – which underlies the worst economy since 1776.  The force of this persistent sociopathic attack on the public good, fueled by sociopathic greed, has resulted in the deregulation of greed and the devaluation of ethics.

The ethic of survival of the richest*, driven by Christian Reconstructionism and the Koch Cabal, is the root cause of the tsunami of financial inequality, as well the obstruction of Congress to continue the war against 99% of all Americans.

The only way to see the whole truth is to be aware of the sum of the parts and how they combine. I cannot do this better than Hedges so have shared this and urge you to go to the links and then share with as much dedication and persistent vehemence as you can muster with all friends and personal email addresses.  Everything depends on finally getting the truth out and correcting the lies which the media does not do for the reasons given here.  

Americans must know this.  We need to fight back against the war against social welfare and against the foundation of our Republic, which was based on the separation of the church and state – for sound reasons.  To win our war to rescue our Republic we must indict the culprits for either Treason and/or Seditious Conspiracy.

 Read these articles:

Buy my book from Amazon.   David Satterfield, former Business Editor of the Miami Herald and two times Pulitzer Prize Winner, said this about “How We Got Swindled…”:

This should be must-reading for every policy maker in Washington and every student of economics and finance.”

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  1. David P. Turnbole

    Ted Cruz and his daddy are a reminder of what the Illuminati is all about. Although Catholic in origin it has swept into the Protestant religions and now is more extreme than even the Illuminati were. They are dangerous. We MUST vote them out.

    • David, I appreciate your insight and additional information. Christianity gone awry is the problem, and something that the new extraordinary Pope Francis has noted as well!

  2. Dr. Smith

    You, kind sir, are an idiot

    • Dr. Against and Threatened by the truth, if you are alive then I suggest you stop seeking refuge in mental rigor mortis which is usually a conditioned reserved for the dead. It is self-evident you have a reality disorder, so it is your clear responsibility to prove that your comment about my IQ is correct. Plato said: “It is not the role of the one who points out the self-evident to prove it, but it is the responsibility of the one who denies the self-evident to absolutely negate it.” (And you should seek counsel from David!)

  3. Grammy

    I also recommend Kim Phillips-Fein’s, Invisible Hands: The Making of the Conservative Movement from The New Deal to Reagan, which confirms much of what is said in this article.

  4. Gray Hunter

    Oh, religionists! They just love to be persecuted…even when they are not. They live for it!

    It’s best to just free yourself from ancient superstitions.

  5. Mereed3929

    Well, we know EXACTLY what the Koch Bros. have been doing here in California. They just got fined a few million dollars for money laundering political contributions that were traced through about 5 secret organizations. They tried to keep their involvement secret, but were found out, threatened with prosecution, and they agreed to “settle” and pay the fine. Well, of course, they did because it’s probably pocket change to them. But the bottom line remains, these guys are LAUNDERING money through phony organizations to influence elections, and hiding their names (and the names of many others involved) to do it. Scum, that’s what they are.

  6. Joe Galatha

    I think we all realize that no rational argument will suspend their lunacy or dilute their fervor. They have been inculcated into a religious, dogmatic mindset since their earliest formative thoughts; what that means is that some ideas to them are simply beyond dispute.

    That’s why they mock science; because we have the courage and integrity to admit when we are wrong, because new evidence has given a better answer. The religious place all of their energy defending the original story, even if it’s absolutely bat-snot insane . Worse still, we thinkers treat a one-off as an aberration; a freak that is the exception to the rule. The faithful see a freak one-off as PROOF that it is the one, the only, and therefore has some claim to divinity. It’s never happened before or since, therefore it must be the only answer.

    Rational thought is not going to persuade people who’s sole investment is to never be swayed. They take pride in their intransigence.

  7. Urnie

    Bannon and Devos are associated with Dominionism. Ryan, not so much, full Randyism. Trump, no philosophy other than self.