1. Get rid of ACA – the law upheld by the US Supreme Court that provides access to health insurance for 30 M Americans that can’t get it – and the ability for millions more, with pre-existing conditions, to switch carriers for better benefits at a better price.  Message from the Terrorists: Let ‘em die!
  2. Privatize Social Security, and reduce the benefits for future generations.  Message from the Terrorists:  Let Wall Street have its way with your money.
  3. Gut Medicare. Message ditto:  Let ‘em die.
  4. Gut Medicaid, for all the families facing their aging parents and the costs of nursing homes, and Alzheimer’s which can bankrupt most people.  Message: screw you!
  5. Lower taxes for the ultra-rich sociopathic greedy narcissists.  Message: hope the Kochs approve and keep funding our inhumanity.
  6. Get rid of food stamps for all the moochers on government dole, headstart, public education, and breakfast and school lunch programs.  Message: let all the hungry kids and their parents starve faster and teach intelligent design.
  7.  Reduce the size of government, get rid of dumb agencies which protect the public.  Message: but not for Congress, keep our health insurance, and pensions because it costs us nothing, keep swollen staffs and allow every ex Congress person or staffer the right to lobby immediately after leaving government to make hay while the sun shines on their conflicts.
  8. Arm every Teapublican Terrorist with personal WMDs, so we can protect ourselves against the United State Government, which we are trying to tear down.  Message: hope the NRA approves, and especially all the gun manufacturers and the military industrial complex.
  9. Declare the United State of America a Creationist Christian Nation, and make it illegal for any black man or woman to ever sleep in our Christian Nation’s “white house” again.  Message: the civil war is not over now that creationists have infiltrated our government – and corporations have the rights of people.
  10. Stop the browning of America, do not let ‘em vote, or let the “illegals” (code for Hispanics) ever become citizens because they understand that you do not negotiate or vote for Terrorists.   Message: racism will protect our white America and preserve our religious zealot moralizing bible thumping Confederate love for American family values.

American Teapublican Congressional Terrorists have shutdown government because they want to blow up the Affordable Care Act – which provides access to health insurance that can  save the lives of 50,000 Americans each year – and allow millions with pre-existing conditions trapped in existing overly expensive coverage get either similar benefits at a lower cost or better benefits at the same cost – and the flexibility of not being trapped – and the security not being cancelled!    Al-Qaeda blew up two buildings which destroyed 3,000 people, 12 years ago; however, has not tried to blow up our entire government and starve millions of children.  So which group of Terrorists is worse?

Our government has spent trillions upon trillions seeking revenge and trying to catch and stop al-Qaeda Terrorists in the Middle East, and with Homeland Security within the U.S.  We have declared war and invaded one country that was not involved; occupied another and are still there losing lives; and we have sent drones and Navy Seals to another country to catch and contain the Taliban and al-Qaeda.

But what do we do with the Congressional Teapublican American Terrorists that have infiltrated our government – under the cover of religion, aberrant philosophy  and lies –  who want to make government smaller, by getting rid of essential social welfare services and benefits?  How do we deal with the ironic hypocrisy of our own (home grown) American Teapublican Terrorists in Congress who take full advantage of the services and benefits they shutdown the government to get rid of?

How crazy is it for American Congressional Teapublican Terrorists to shutdown America’s government, and be willing to go into default to deny social welfare benefits to all the Americans who pay for all the “free government stuff” for their fellow Americans who are the Terrorists?

This is how you combat the American Taliban. Indict the leaders: http://www.the5thestate.net/2013/05/14/indict-gopteapublicans-for-seditious-conspiracy/

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