It is time to declare the Teapublican Party – terrorists for holding 300M Americans hostage to their demand to dump health insurance for 30 Million Americans or they will cause the government to shutdown and go into default by not voting to approve a new budget ceiling so the United States of America’s Government can pay its existing bills.

To not raise the debt ceiling  is the equivalent of not paying your credit card bills.

We know it is wrong for Al Qaeda to take over a shopping center in Nairobi and hold lots of innocent people as hostages for no rational reason.  And the hostage takers are termed terrorists, which America justifiably condemns as an act against humanity.  So how can it be OK to hold so many Americans hostage by obstructing Congress – by blocking attempts to improve or just maintain the social welfare of we the people?

Start with the obsession of the Teaparty House leaders like Ryan and Cantor who are more concerned with defunding Obama Care than the health and peace of mind of 30 million Americans who could not get or afford any health insurance prior to ACA.  And the most obsessed Senator against ACA is Ted Cruz who is a Canadian citizen and his health insurance is paid for by we the people or he can go to Canada where Canada provides health insurance from the government for everyone.  In the House, Teapublicans led by Boehner, Cantor and Ryan have voted 42 times to get rid of ACA, but do not mind that we the people pay for their health insurance.

Consider the deluge of Republican Party lies about ACA, including the “death panel” bull shit; and the current party line: “Obama Care is a job killer – and this lie is from the same terrorists that repeated the job creator lies ad nauseum, and who voted in lockstep against jobs bills that would have added 3 million good paying jobs to address the countries decaying infrastructure and at the same time create demand for the products necessary to repair and rebuild bridges, roads and sewers.

We are very concerned about terrorism and spend a fortune on Homeland Security, ever since 9/11 took the lives of 3,000 Americans.  However, last year 32,000 people died from guns in the US; 903 Germany; 769 Italy; 124 England and Wales; and 4,000 in Iraq over the course of the entire conflict; and 4 in Benghazi which is the main focus of the Teaparty investigation of terrorism in the House and Senate.

To really understand the magnitude of American deaths annually from guns and how this is 250 times worse than England go to this link to compare other civilized countries with our “civilized” killings.

Alpers, Philip and Marcus Wilson. 2013. Armed Violence in the United States: Conflict prevention, development, peace and security. Sydney School of Public Health, The University of Sydney., 27 August. Accessed 24 September 2013. at:,69,88,65

Terrorism is defined as:  *The unlawful use or threatened use of force or violence by a person or an organized group against people or property with the intention of intimidating or coercing societies or governments, often for ideological or political reasons.

But Nairobi is the kind of terrorism that horrifies America:  Washington Post (blog) ‎- 7 hours ago … Over the weekend, images of a terrorist attack on Nairobi’s Westgate Mall were beamed out to the world, horrifying viewers hour by hour as the 

 Apparently we are well adjusted to our own internal Teaparty terrorism because Republicans and the media call Teapublican terrorism – * “Republican Ideology!”  (Would a rose by any other name smell so sweet?)

The following list provides 10 empirical reasons which constitute prima facie evidence to – declare Teapublicans as a Terrorist/Racist Organization, and indict their leaders for Seditious Conspiracy:

  1. Holding America Hostage: Voting against raising the debt ceiling unless Congress votes to defund Obama Care, which creates the threat and fear of default, which could cause great harm to our country.
  2. Blockading Congress: obstructing Congress to produce submission to Teapublican demands to defund Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid; and if this act against the social welfare of we the people was carried out it would be a form of violence against the beneficial interests of 99% of Americans, which constitutes was against the middle class and the poor.
  3. Threatening to shut down the government: unless Congress votes to approve a house Budget which includes some way to deny health care to 30M Americans by overturning ACA – a law upheld and ruled constitutional Supreme Court.  (Keep in mind Republicans added lots of convoluted rules prior to passage to make it less functional, so if ACA requires adjusting to improve, Republicans could easily agree to fix it by cooperating, in lieu of burning it down.)
  4. Subverting the right to vote in Red Sates: As evidenced by a racist Supreme Court decision to emasculate significant provisions of the Voting Rights Act.
  5. Voting to gut the social welfare of we the people: these are a few examples – voting to: gut Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid; to reduce food stamps by $40 billion at the time of a continuing depression for the poor; to end Head Start programs for the poor; to stop school breakfast and lunch programs; voting against collective bargaining to keep wage levels where they were 4 decades ago; voting against raising a below the poverty level minimum wage – etc.  (Feel free to add to the list of man’s inhumanity toward his fellow man under comments.)
  6. Overt Racism:  It is self-evident as the Teapublican Party has been against anything the first black American President proposed from his first day in office.
  7. Misogynistic state laws against women’s right to privacy and make their own choices.  State laws written by ALEC that restrict the right to choice, and impose state controls on wombs; House attempts to enact laws based on the crazy notion of 2 kinds of rape sponsored by Paul Ryan and his cohorts…
  8. Tax laws that caused a geometric redistribution of wealth to the already rich: that created a vast chasm of financial inequality at the expense jobs and profits parked offshore, which has affected the demand for goods and services from the middle class and the poor; which has eroded the stability of the middle class and is clearly harmful to the internal security of America.
  9.  Propaganda and lies: the ability of any country to remain secure from within depends on the dissemination of truth from politicians and the press.  When significant material lies during elections are more overtly harmful to the public understanding and when the lies become the same from every member of the Teapublican Party – this kind of conduct becomes dangerous to the survival of any Republic. The past is prologue, so it is only necessary to go back to Germany pre WWII to understand why.  Consider the most current lies to justify the redistribution of wealth to the rich: the job creators (sociopathic greedy narcissists only concerned for creating personal net worth) – and now the latest Teapublican lie – Obama Care is a job killer (conceived by the same propagandists that made up the death panels – when 50,000 Americans have died each year because they did not have access to health care, ie – no health insurance.)
  10. Deregulation of greed and constant fight to establish the supremacy of economic theories to justify and promote the redistribution of wealth upwards: ie. – laissez faire unfettered free markets combined with Supply Side – ruses used by the survival of the richest robber barons from the era of the Great Depression; and now the survival of the richest ethic used by the billionaires and the Koch brothers (the American nazi’s who fund the Teapublican Party) which caused the 2nd worst economy since the 30s, and the worst level of financial inequality ever in the United States of America.

Seditious Conspiracy is defined by: 18 .S.C. § 2384 : US Code – Section 2384: *Seditious conspiracy, Search 18 U.S.C. § 2384 : US Code – Section 2384:  If two or more persons in any State or Territory, or in any place subject to the jurisdiction of the United States, conspire to overthrow, put down, or to destroy by force the Government of the United States, or to levy war against them, or to oppose by force the authority thereof, or by force to prevent, hinder, or delay the execution of any law of the United States, or by force to seize, take, or possess any property of the United States contrary to the authority thereof, they shall each be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than twenty years, or both. Search by Keyword or Citation

Extortion is to force a vote to approve a budget which includes defunding the Affordable Care Act, a law upheld by the US Supreme Court, or shut down the government by not approving a bill to raise the debt ceiling which merely allows the Government pay for bills already incurred.

To hold the United States hostage by threatening to let the United States default on its current obligations in order to get rid of health insurance for 30 million Americans to coerce  Congress to vote to get rid of Obama Care or the Teapublicans will not vote to raise the debt ceiling  is a blatant act of terror as it is clearly against the social welfare of 30 million Americans and the society America needs to maintain the good will of 99% of Americans.  Republics do not survive forever without the good will of citizens.

Nancy Pelosi summed it up best: › NewsWorld newsNancy Pelosi‎ … 2 days ago – Nancy Pelosi, the House minority leader, has said “legislative arsonists” in the Republican party are using their opposition to President Barack 

I rest my case.

Buy my book from Amazon, about which David Satterfield, former Business Editor of the Miami Herald and two times Pulitzer Prize Winner, said this:

This should be must-reading for every policy maker in Washington and every student of economics and finance.”

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  1. Cis

    This is spot on. I’ve been saying for years that these people are whipping up way too much fear and hate just to push along their agendas. They’re no less terrorists than the people setting off bombs.

  2. Aurealeus

    Today’s TeaPublican Party exudes hate; fear, malice and prejudice yet cite a book of love, tolerance, sacrifice and grace. They foment and actualize social, cultural, religious, and civil confines… yet cite a sacred document of freedom written with hopeful valor and signed with spilled, selfless blood… shed to vanquish such pervasive imprisonments. They revere patriots and martyrs that fought against the very subjugation they propel; and they enthrone and empower a cabal of greed and enterprise of corruption that soil the very podium they built upon the grave of these patriots. They characterize and extol this land as one of opportunity but bind it with ethnic exclusivity and shallow aristocracy and they decadently flaunt a dogma of origin when they are merely the remnant of a forgotten invasion…

    …and in the end, at the psyche’s core, within their moral infrastructure, they feel they’ve embodied and honored the qualities of men who helped the ill, poor and meek. They’ve treasured their every shadow, footprint and moral lineage. They feel they’ve emblazoned pride on their legacy, even though they callously and shamefully feasted on the idea of a noble and timeless atonement by perverting, warping ravaging, desecrating and scarring every benevolent, compassionate tenet and model of mercy left in the wake of these men. They are not their guide; they are their defense mechanism.

    They are conservative. They are proud. They are patriotic. They are righteous and their molecular fabric is woven with purity. They are just, but promote inequality. They are gracious, but rife with greed. They are Christ-like, but a warmonger. They love America, but sport the Confederated flag. They love freedom, but they control who has it. They promote unity, but stipulate who unites. They are brave, but fear the different. They are kind, but apathetic. They are educated, but despise academia. They are honest, but harbor lies. They are conservative, they’re a traitor, they’re a fraud and everything they are is nothing that they cherish.


    • A, I am fortunate to have such an insightful and articulate reader! Thanks for the beautiful prose and spot on analysis. Henry

  3. Bob

    ‘To not raise the debt ceiling is the equivalent of not paying your credit card bills.’

    Not quite. To not raise the debt ceiling is the equivalent of deciding NOT to get yet another credit card in order to make the due payments on all your other credit cards.

    • Bob, you are the kind of idiot I abhor.

    • Bob, you have your head buried up your ignorant, and probable racist ass. Your economic ignorance is staggering as well as your refusal to be better informed. Mental rigor mortis is usually a condition reserved for the dead, but all Teapublicans, and most Libertarians seek refuge from this incurably condition as well.

  4. Henry Lambeth

    The first thing in your “empirical” bill-of-indictment proving that the Tea Party is a terrorist organization and that its leadership should be indicted (and, I presume, tried, convicted and immediately drawn-and-quartered) is that they have voted or are in the process of voting. Yeah, that voting stuff is dangerous to liberty and freedom!

    You sir, are an imbecile. What next on your schedule; Book-burnings? From under which rocks do you people crawl?

    • “you people?” I assume you mean the people who think about people rather than the Koch pawns who are mostly creationist racists sitting in pre-Dark Age corner thumping on bibles and spouting off about economic propaganda that Wall St and the sociopathic greedy narcissist have fed to YOU PEOPLE who eat their self-interest. These are the people who also do not understand the distinction between social welfare and socialism. As an avid reader and author, the only books I would burn would be all the bibles written by moralizing power hungry narcissists to control the masses. And to further assure you that I am objective I would like to thank god that I am an atheist, secular humanist. Certainly your people have exhibited only a distaste as well as hate for helping those in need and less fortunate in order to create a society for we the people, in stead of for the survival of the richest at the expense of everyone else.. thanks for exposing yourself in public.

      • Thomas Watts

        ” As an avid reader and author, the only books I would burn would be all the bibles written by moralizing power hungry narcissists to control the masses. ”

        If that were true, you’d start with “Dreams from my Father”, “It takes a Village”, “Earth in the Balance”, and the works of Paul Krugman.

  5. Thomas Watts

    I’d say at this point in history, not being serious about cutting spending is the moral equivalent of treason. It takes a special kind of stupidity, ignorance, dishonesty, or insanity to equate the Tea Parties, who are the only major faction in our political life who are serious about fixing the budget, with terrorists.

    • Thomas, as usual a member of the creationist racist Christian American Nation is always ready to share their ignorance. Thanks for only confirming what all who think know. Where did you learn economics, from you home check book? Have you ever studied the past that is prologue to solving a depression, as this is the 2nd worst economy since 1776. Read my new book and then grapple with your lack of knowledge. And to equate the obstruction of Government, considering the 5 year blockade of Congress, with the fact of American Taliban Terrorism who have conducted war on the Government of the United States to the brink of going into default, AND THIS IS NOT OVER, is fact. What’s wrong Tommy, having trouble sleeping at night with a black President sleeping your creationist Teapublican’s American Christian Nation’s white house? And what is going on constitutes the material substance of SEDITIOUS CONSPIRACY! read the article here about why this is a fact.

  6. David Wall

    Let’s see, on Sept. 11th 2001 a 47 story skyscraper which was not hit by an airplane collapsed straight down through the path of most resistance into it’s own foot print. It is a documented fact acknowledged by the official government investigation that the skyscraper, WTC7, experience free fall speed for 2.5 seconds at the initiation of collapse. This means without a doubt that approximately 100 ft. ( eight floors) of resistance had to of been removed from the base of the building instantaneously and symmetrically for the building to have fallen as observed. What mechanism do you know of that can instantaneously and symmetrically remove eight floors worth of resistance? Maybe the Teapublicans are not really the “enemy” you should be worried about.

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