Racism and ignorance reign in Florida, true to form. The jurors should be shunned, and I am confounded by the performance of the prosecutors which cannot be attributed to incompetence. I am sickened by the verdict and the process. The rule of law is not just about process, but about standing up for truth. The self-evident nature of racial profiling which resulted in the murder of a 17 year old boy, does not allow the not guilty verdict to be respected merely because the process allowed a trial. The lies and latent prejudice exhibited by the defense were manifestly apparent to anyone who cares about the truth – and the comatose prosecution was on display to all who know better.

Lisa Bloom,  the brilliant (blond) expert lawyer on MSNBC, explained after the verdict that she had never heard closing statements in a murder trial before that asked questions of jurors, only closing arguments by prosecutors which logically laid out the case to convict.  So hair color is not a controlling issue regarding brains, any more than complexion is a reason to profile or kill.

And the Southern charm of the Florida state attorney, after the verdict, praising the process, the jurors, her prosecutors and that the Governor wanted a fair trial, as well as pointing out that Florida citizens love their guns – was a charade.   The excuse that the prosecutors would not have charged Z if they did not think he was guilty – was fallacious empty fictitious rhetoric considering the pressure that Rev Al and all the others focused on DOJ until it got involved to cause the state to send its attorneys to Sanford to start the process.  Sanford was happy to just let Z go home.

The empty phrase the rule of law – sickens me.  Lawyers speak of the rule of law in abject reverence because the way it is carried out allows them to earn significant livings in the shadows of lies and the lack of philosophical ethics.  The rule of law is in shambles.  The process is not of value unless it is about the truth, and the truth is simply that Z killed an unarmed boy he profiled because he was black.

To have a trial is not the goal of the legal process; the goal is to search for the truth. And whatever the Stand Your Ground law is, the controlling law in a murder trial is not whether the killer (who 46 times in the past had called 911 about black men in his neighborhood he had profiled) contended he felt threatened for his life, it is about the empirical evidence, which clearly contradicted the ludicrous Zimmerman lie about how he felt threatened for his life. The lie that his head was pounded into concrete 25 to 30 times with only insignificant scratches to back up his obvious lie. No prudent rational reasonable person can or could possible accept this excuse for murder.  So let’s praise the 5 white woman and 1 woman of unknown origin (who live in Sanford) on the jury for their service?  Sickening.  Wombs are not the determinant factor in caring about children, or humanity – the past is prologue.

In this particular event the public was specifically aware of the prima facie evidence regarding the material substance of the killing; and so was the jury.  There is no valid reason for ignoring the facts and reasoning from the defense lies and totally implausible self defense contentions.  It is not good enough to say the jury found for the defense based on what was presented to them, they also know what we knew from watching the trial, so the rule of law is nonsense.  And today the media is busy parsing what happened. It is simple, the basis for the verdict was either overt or latent prejudice.  If blacks in the media today were as straightforward as Al Sharpton, this would be the consensus.  Would a reasonable person doubt that Z had no reasonable reason to be threatened for his life?

So we have all heard too many lawyers praise the Rule of Law and the process that resulted in a fair trial?   And listened to the lawyers after the verdict congratulate each other that there was a fair trial.  The media has bent over backwards to be non-partisan (non-partisan about the truth).  Objectively, the controlling issue is an unrepentant murderer with a defense team hiding behind the self-evident blatant lie of self-defense.  Is it credible to believe that a wannabe cop with a gun loaded with cop killer bullets in his back pocket, trained in martial arts who weighed 50 pounds more than the unarmed boy he had profiled and stalked in the dark, felt threatened for his life?  If Z was so threatened why did he leave his vehicle for any other reason than what he clearly said on tape – this one is not going to get away – like the other 46 black men he had profiled and called 911 about in the past!  (Where was this in the prosecutions summation?)

If anyone was afraid it was Trayvon who was still a child – who was being stalked for no apparent reason, except all black children learn from their mothers to watch out for moments just like this.  Ask Melissa Harris-Perry.

Lawyers have deified the rule of law.  Thank god I am a secular human atheist. Law like anything should earn respect, not expect respect.  Typically lawyers more concerned about their fees, or whatever outrage they are trying to justify always talk about the rule of law.  No one rational who cares about humanity can understand or accept the hollow, fallacious excuse – the rule of law has been served.  Samuel Johnson, the great 18th century Brit philosopher might have said: “The Rule of Law is the last refuge of all scoundrels and liars.”  Of course this is exactly what he said about religion – “Religion is the last refuge of all scoundrels and liars.”

Is it not ironic, that the rise of the creationist American Christian Moralizing Bible Thumping Nation has spawned the resurgence of overt American racism?  Consider that the Teapublican Congress has voted in lockstep from the first night that a black president slept in their Christian Nation’s white house against anything Obama has proposed to benefit the social welfare of we the people.   And these same Christians have voted against food stamps and breakfast and school lunch programs for poor families and hungry children!  The Voting Rights Act has been materially harmed by the Supreme Court with uncle (Clarence) tom in support of bigotry.

Some of the wealthiest Americans have flexed their prejudice and sociopathic greed by funding ALEC: Similar Nonpartisan individual membership organization of state legislators which favors federalism and conservative public policy solutions. 

Conservative means radicalized Seditious Conspirators who block the social welfare of we the people

ALEC has provided states with racist and misogynist laws to enact to the detriment of individual freedom and the social welfare of we the people.  ALEC wrote the Stand Your Ground Law for the NRA and gave it to states like Florida to pass verbatim:  Through the corporate-funded American Legislative Exchange Council, global corporations and state politicians vote behind closed doors to try to rewrite state  ALEC FAQs – ‎Privatizing Public Education – ‎About ALEC Exposed – ‎View source

JUSTICE MUST GET INVOLVED.  THIS WAS A HATE CRIME, AND A HATEFUL JURY – there is no valid excuse for the verdict.  WHY THE PROSECUTORS WERE MISSING IN ACTION IS UNEXPLAINABLE – EXCEPT TO OBSERVE THIS IS FLORIDA; the state that has done its best undermine black voters since the 21st century began.   Get involved write to your Congressperson and your Senator, and the Depart of Justice.  Call them; protest this outrage against the human race, because we are all members –  the human race is the only race!



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