America has become the “Land of the Free and the Sheeple.” So where is the Issa investigation of the Sheeple scandal?  It’s hard to fathom.  Issa’s brilliant leadership of the House Oversight Committee and the equally brilliant outrage and penetrating questions from the Teaparty Creationists on his team must be overworked delving into the IRS and Benghazi like a broken record stuck on  Sh boom sh boom Ya-da-da-da da-da-da Da the memorable insightful lyrics from 55 years ago.  If you have a chance to hear the whole song – Life Would Be A Dream, it will make more sense than Issa, and at least be honest and unpretentious:…CachedSimilar

Oh, life could be a dream (sh-boom) If I could take you up in paradise up above (sh-boom) If you would tell me I’m the only one that you love Life could be a 

There are riots in major nations around the globe, against the sociopathic greed of narcissists taking advantage of their countrymen.  Brazil is the latest eruption.  However, back at home in “the land of the free Sheeples” there are no marches against all the money in politics or the tax laws that have redistributed a vast amount of wealth to the already wealthy.  From Google News:

n  200,000 Protest in Brazil’s Biggest Cities –

Starting late last week, with several small protests denouncing a hike in public transport fares, demonstrations flared up yesterday, encompassing larger public anger at poor public services, police violence and government corruption. More than 200,000 took to the streets of Brazil’s biggest cities yesterday, voicing frustration with the billions of dollars set aside for upcoming sports events like the World Cup and the 2014 Olympics, despite crushing levels of poverty in some places, and underfunded public education, health, security and transportation. Though the majority of the protests were peaceful, a few violent demonstrations were broken up by police in Rio de Janeiro. [32 photos]

The next Washington March is the Libertarian Toy Gun March protesting gun regulation.

Meanwhile in America, a farm bill failed to get passed in the house.  This ill conceived attack on food stamps also contained enough pork to feed all the people in Congress who receive mega buck Gov farm subsidies for many years; but it slashed food stamps for anyone who did not have  increased amount of work.  Of course there still is a severe job shortage, and massive unemployment; therefore, with the wage levels decreasing – it is a certainty that the vast majority of the poor on food stamps would still be either without more work, or still below the poverty level.

Gee wiz, have the 228 Republicans that voted for the Southerland Amendment to the Farm Bill, which was strongly supported by Cantor the seditious conspirator, suddenly noticed all the problems for the huge numbers of Americans below the poverty line.  And ironically, when the Farm  bill was brought to the floor for a vote – 68 Republicans voted against it because of the harm that would have been caused to the poor by the Southerland Amendment?  Or were these virgin humanitarians becoming concerned their constituents might finally turn on them?    But Sheeples do not march on the Teapublican House to protest huge farm subsidies given to members of the House who own farms that are a profit center for them solely as a function of the Government Farm Subsidies they push through Congress for their own self-interest.

Where is the protest against the sociopaths blockading Congress?

Where is the 1M Sheeple march on Washington in protest against all the Congressional support of sociopathic greed which has caused the worst financial inequality in the history of America, and in many ways the equal of a 3rd world nation.  Sheeples bear the brunt of the financial inequality, yet half the Sheeples are members of the Teaparty who masochistically vote against their own best interests at every turn of the SCREW.

Numerous members of the upper middle class joined by some members of the ultra-rich care about what is so wrong; however, they have not organized behind a singular unifying idea, or led a march either. Where is any functional rational united protest? Could there be a civil rights movement today or an American Revolution?  The tyranny of King George has been replaced by the tyranny of the sociopathic greedy narcissists who pay a mercenary army of lobbyists to get their own way with Congress without any regard for the social welfare of the vast majority of their fellow Americans. And Congress on both sides of the isle has enabled this.  Only 10 senators voted against Gramm-Leach-Bliley and Clinton signed the bill into the law that revoked Glass-Steagall and the 1956 Bank Holding Company Act.  GLB deregulated sociopathic greed.

What does the Heritage “think tank” think?  And if you do think you know our non-partisan about the truth Press treats the Heritage Foundation with respect and deference.  Why – because they are for the social welfare of we the people – or because they have such important degrees and wealthy backers, or all of the “above” – or because the media has become non-partisan about the truth?  And it is self-evident the Heritage Foundation is against the social welfare of we the people.

The media coverage of the vote against a Farm Bill that would have slashed food stamps for the poor was all about the process and how the GOP could not get a bill passed.  Morning Joe, and the essentially candid challenged Mika who has mastered looking puzzled in the face of the obvious, parsed the process not the worse than rancid substance of requiring more work (that clearly does not exist) for food stamps.  John Meacham, loves being on Joe, who specializes in parsing form while overlooking substance, naturally added his genius to picking apart the process.   So they avoided the substance of what a vote for the bill meant – a vote for the Farm Bill was the equivalent of saying – we don’t give a shit about hunger in America, let them starve.   And what about the other 99 amendments and the pork give a ways to all the greedy porkers

Lost in the superficial parsing on Morning Joe (and I bet on lots of other outlets) was the fact that 68 Republicans could not stomach taking food out of the stomachs of the poor, and this was a small break through! While 24 Democrats voted for the bill – wtf?

Lost in the Issa shuffle is the fact of the approaching student loan interest crisis, and the fact of 20% of Americans suffering in some way due to the lack of support for education.  And the fact of wage levels going down for the middle class and the poor.  So the plethora of real American Scandals continues with the blockade of Congress by the Teapublican Seditious Conspirators, and some Democrats who misunderstand they not for lobbyist dollars for re-election.

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