Miscreants Gone Wild are what is fundamentally wrong with the Republican Party!  And the press, in its non partisan about the truth coma, bemoans how to fix the “grand ole party of Lincoln?”  Well, that was 150 years ago and before Lyndon Johnson strong armed Congress into passing Civil Rights legislation, and the rest is the  history of the Christian Miscreant Nation.

Johnson knew he would lose the South, but did what was best for our Republic, without concern for his Party.  Johnson knew that miscreants metastasize into Seditious Conspirators.

Miscreant is the most profound way to define the members of  the new Republican Party which has been infiltrated and absorbed by the creationist religious zealot moralizing bible thumpers in the mold of the great pre-Dark Age thinkers of the 16th century.

miscreant : A miscreant is a person who is bad––who lies, breaks the law, yells at small puppies. It’s a somewhat old-fashioned word, popular with   or…

n  Archaic. holding a false or unorthodox religious belief; heretical. noun. 3. a vicious or depraved person; villain. 4. Archaic. a heretic or infidel…‎       Cached        Similar

The enormity of student loan debt is staggering:…/student-loan-debt…CachedApr 11, 2013 – But for many people, the money spent along the way can serve as a Nearly 1 in 5: The number of households that had student loan debt in

But first consider the number of people who rely on medicaid:‎  Cached …  More than 58 million people rely on Medicaid services today, and millions more will … In many states, advocates need support in making the case for expansion…

This is invaluable insight into miscreant Republican Southern leaders:

Medicaid Debate Is Also About Race:  Bloomberg ‎- By Christopher Flavelle   Jun 7, 2013 2:38 PM ET:   At least 14 states, including Texas, Mississippi and South Carolina, oppose taking federal money to expand their Medicaid programs under Obamacare. That’s bad fiscal policy: As two RAND Corporation scholars wrote this week, those states will see an annual net loss of $8.4 billion in federal money as a result… Census figures make clear that Medicaid and race are inextricably linked. … In Alabama, Georgia and South Carolina, among the states that say they won’t expand, at least 45 percent of those in the program in 2011 were black, according to the Kaiser Family Foundation. In Louisiana, 57 percent of Medicaid beneficiaries were black; in Mississippi it was 67 percent. …

Along with Medicaid, the student loan interest scandal is about the front line of the war against the poor and the middle class, which of course, encompasses race.  Do not think the Republican House plan is for students, because it clearly is only for the banks:

The Republican plan approved 221-198 two weeks ago on a nearly party-line vote in the U.S. House but which failed to get 60 votes needed in the Senate, would annually reset the Stafford loan interest rate to the rate of a 10-year Treasury note plus 2.5 percent, with a maximum rate of 8.5 percent for Stafford loans and 10.5 percent for parent loans. Only U.S. Rep. Pete Visclosky, D-Merrillville, voted no.

When House Republicans vote in lockstep for anything in the House it is never for the social welfare of we the people, but only for the social welfare of their sociopathic greedy narcissist benefactors – best represented by the backers of the Heritage Foundation, Freedom Works and American Crossroads.

A maximum interest rate of 8.5 to 10.55 for the Teaparty GOP plan is emblematic of how the former Party of Lincoln, deals with the enormity of a problem which  approaches 1 trillion of total student debt and adversely impacts the social welfare of 1 in 5 American lives.  Elizabeth Warren is among the  3 members of Congress (include Grayson and Sanders) who understand and know student loan interest  must be abated for all loans, not just current Government loans like the Stafford.

Here’s why: Fed money from our treasury is a conduit to the banks that lend money to students.  If we can give banks money, why not go around the banks directly to the students and eliminate the banks as middlemen who egregiously markup student loans by 6 times the cost of their funds through the Fed’s FDIC conduit from Treasury to the banks.  (I have not broached the scandal of credit card usurious interest rates, or discussed that Demand Deposits [savings accounts] provide the other source of the funds that bank lend.) refer to my op-ed article at: SHOULDN’T AMERICA TREAT STUDENTS BETTER THAN BANKS?  THIS IS A REAL SCANDAL!

Mega Bank Holding Companies (BHCs) are risking America’s financial future by creating leveraged virtual financial innovation which could cause a worldwide financial implosion. While the Fed provides almost free capital to these Mega Greedy Sociopathic institutions to shore up net capital to leverage $700 trillion to $1.2 quadrillion swaps derivatives to bet on in markets maintained to play Russian Financial Masturbation:

So the Fed loans/gives banks money from we the people’s treasury, while the GOP wants to raise interest rates on almost a trillion dollars of student loans.  And because the GOP is dedicated to vote against anything for the social welfare of we the people, the GOP Teaparty is against Elizabeth Warren’s plan to charge students the same interest rate we provide to the banks (the Mega Bank Holding Cos that create the untenable risk of all the financial innovation that can’t be explained well enough to be understood, which is unlawful.)

Today the Party of Lincoln is not a fun party to go to attend, it is a  Party of Miscreants  for the sociopathic greed of its narcissistic benefactors, who like Romney, surely believe students should just borrow money from their daddies for college.


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  1. RichardR

    Sadly, the Republican jihad against education is more than a case of benign, or even malicious, neglect. I think that in thinking so we might be giving them a bit too much credit. It’s not even a case of random sociopathy, which would at least be understandable in the NeoCon context. No, it’s time to face the fact that the Right is DELIBERATELY ATTACKING education; they know good and well that their agenda can only propagate when the base remains deliberately ignorant. We can never forget that to these people, ignorance is purity, and an educated population is a threat to those ordained by God to rule. Tyranny follows ignorance like a vine creeps up a living tree.

    It should be self-evident at this point that the 1% want nothing more than for the 99% to devolve into a horde of ignorant villagers who think whatever they’re told to think, led by those who rule by divine right. Historical perspective is a threat to the oligarchy, and education allows us to create our OWN economy independent of inherited wealth or superstition. They want us to forget about feudal systems, the brutality of the industrial era and what can happen when the majority forgets that it can always win by attrition alone. They want us to forget our victories, fall into despair and hand our souls over to paper tyrants.

    Ultimately, education is a weapon. It’s our battleship, our long gun and our battering ram. Take the enemy’s weapon and you win…it’s that simple. It’s high time we call them out on that fact, and refuse to give up our guns. The Teabaggers should understand that concept, anyway.

    • Richard, thanks for adding such empathetic, objective insight. Hope you read my piece here on Indict the Seditious Conspirators… and sign the petition. can’t remember the correct title, but know the law, and it is logical to indict. Treason, which I wrote about last and this year could be a can of defense worms, but not Seditious Conspiracy. The case is here. and on the petition to indict the Heritage Foundation.

      • RichardR

        Thanks for the kind words 🙂 I read Musashi and the Art of War on a pretty regular basis…got copies of both in my bathroom and on my desk right now. Both say to learn the enemy’s mind, and know him better than he knows himself. Anticipate his moves before he thinks to make them. I try when I can 🙂 Actually, if your post is the one I’m thinking of, you might want to check the comments at the bottom. I actually started a petition to start seditious conspiracy hearings on the Heritage Foundation after reading it. It’s been…I think about three weeks or a month now, and it’s gotten 90 signatures. Only…uhhh…89,910 to go! If that’s your article I’m thinking of, I actually posted a link to the petition in the comments. Here it is again, if it’s not there. Thanks again for the kind words!