Teaparty Republicans are radicals – not conservative. It is radical to blockade Congress; as a matter of fact the blockade – to obstruct Congress is against the social welfare of the public good which apparently constitutes Seditious Conspiracy:

Politicians and both political parties have customarily used the IRS to get anyone and everyone who they perceive to be their enemy.  The IRS has a finder’s fee of 10% or more, payable to individuals who report any individual or entity that is a tax cheater: Ross Begelman ….Do you know someone who is guilty of CHEATING THE IRS by either a Finders Fee from 10 to 30% of the collected proceeds (including penalties, interest,

And Lois Lerner, Director of Exempt Organizations appears to be the scapegoat for everything that has been wrong with the IRS for decades.  So let Issa etal burn her at the stake? (Congressional and administration sources confirm that IRS director of Exempt Organizations Lois Lerner has been placed on administrative leave after she reportedly refused to resign.)

I am not suggesting that Lerner is necessarily admirable, or that she has been properly concerned with substance vs form when the IRS has, either rightly or wrongly gone after cheaters trying to go around the substance of the code and the regulations.  (I was targeted by Dan Rostenkowski, Dem Chair of House Ways and Means who I wrote a letter to about his deceit, who subsequently went to jail – well after I went to US Tax Court to prove the IRS was wrong,  so I won.)

However, in the case of the Radical (self-described conservatives)Teaparty Nonprofits, it is self-evident that most, if not all of them, have clearly not been for the social welfare of the public good; therefore, should never have been approved for nonprofit tax status – so they should be fined and their status revoked.   (So is Lerner guilty of rectifying a wrong?)

When one party in a two party system so obviously does everything possible to blockade (subvert and obstruct) Congress and – based on a preponderance of empirical evidence – has worked tirelessly to harm, delay and prevent any legislation from being enacted into law for We The People.  This constitutes the material substance of Seditious Conspiracy, which is clearly not for the social welfare of We The People.


So, why is it IRS discrimination to have identified the conservative (Radical) Teaparty nonprofits (the party of Seditious Conspirators that has voted in lockstep against the black man sleeping in the white house) – when the Teapublican party is empirically an egregious and perhaps the only offender of the substance of the code regarding  nonprofits.  Teapublicans in the Housed voted 36 times to get rid of Obama care; and have been supported  by all the Teaparty conservative nonprofits in this bizarre waste of time against the social welfare of 47M Americans without hope for health insurance prior to the Affordable Care Act.  The targeted conservative nonprofits back the radicalized vote for Ryan budgets repeatedly – budgets designed to gut SS and Medicaid, along with school breakfast and lunches for millions of hungry children.

The targeted radical Teapublican Congressional blockaders are paid and led by the conservative, flag waving creationist, bible thumping Teapublican nonprofits to be against early ed, public ed and food stamps; and are for everything that solely promotes the social welfare of their sociopathically greedy narcissistic backers.

Conservatives spend most of their waking hours discriminating against anyone for the social welfare of the public good, being against any idea that is of beneficial interest to the middle class and the poor,  and practicing racial discrimination against Obama and people of color who are their fellow Americans,  in the name of their Christian Nation.

The media has jumped on the Scandal Bandwagon, along with Daryl Issa who is conducting Salem-like Witch trials in Congress, which are called hearings, and if you have watched this, Issa sounds remarkably like Joe McCarthy the famous Communist Hunter.  Where has the media been for the last 5 or 6 decades calling attention to targeting?  All the astonishment from the culprits on both sides of the aisle.  And Obama, the great conciliator,  is seemingly clueless about his role as the President to fight back against the Radical GOP/Teaparty outright lies, deceit and overt racism?  Have Holder investigate and indict the Conservative GOP/Teaparty nonprofits for Seditious Conspiracy.  Read the provided links, and reach your own conclusion about Seditious Conspiracy, and sign the petition if you want to fix Congressional Gridlock.

Where has the Congressional outrage and the media outrage been about all the real IRS abuses?  Don’t forget the IRS operates a collection function/service for a voluntary tax system based on a presumption of guilt, rather than innocent until proven.  So it is necessary to go to tax court to prove you are not guilty/innocent of any unresolved IRS issues you disagree with by proving you are following the substance and intent of the code, which controls over whether you are following IRS regulations.  Regulations are how the IRS interprets the code to administer it, but if you disagree with the service’s interpretation you better have the substance of the law on your side, and some cases to back this up.   Because tax court operates with the presumption of innocence the IRS has to prove its case.

Can’t the Radical Teaparty nonprofits go to tax court if they disagree?  But they went to the public to let the naïve media apply pressure, along with our Teapublican Congressional blockaders, joined by some idiot Democrats, to conduct Watergate, McCarthy-like Salem witch hearings.  Let’s be honest, the IRS does not have many fans.  When did you last hear a friend exclaim: boy I just love IRS to pieces! What institution was your friend locked up in?

Of course the IRS response to the trumped up media and Teapublican “Scandal” makes them look lousy, because they specialize in being lousy. 

But isn’t it OK for the IRS to be *discriminating for a welcome change?


Definition of discriminating: Someone discriminating has fine-grained judgment and can tell, for example, the difference between pretty good cookies and …(a radical nonprofit?)

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