Saturday marked a new low in CPAC double speak when Palin informed her adoring Teapublican, in early onset mental rigor mortis, audience – “the job creators are being punished.”  Yes, she said this as she unloaded on the President.

Doublespeak – SourceWatch   Aug 30, 2009 – Doublespeak is language deliberately constructed to disguise its actual meaning, such as euphemisms. The word doublespeak was coined in

Additional Palin significant observations: it’s bad out here (GOP votes in lockstep against Government investment in jobs); the median income has dropped (from the 30-year war conducted by the GOP job creators against the middle class); we are here to rebuild the country (by blockading Congress?); Democrats refuse to pass the (Ryan) budget; compared Obama to Madoff; and contended the treasonous Teapublican Saboteurs of the public good – are here (at CPAC) to rebuild the country (by voting in lockstep against anything for the public good?).  Doublespeak on high!

She went on a tirade against anyone rational enough to be against lethal assault weapons – and brain farted there should have been a background check for Obama (which aroused the zombies to jump from their seats in support of the NRA lobby); but spent a vast amount of her boundless energy and catchy enthusiasm explaining that Democrats refuse to pass a budget while emphasizing the need to be concerned for we the people.

The Worst of the Ryan Budgets:  from The New York Times

The budget, which will surely fly through the House, was quickly praised as “serious” and job-creating by the Senate Republican leader, Mitch McConnell, though it is neither. By cutting $4.6 trillion from spending over the next decade, it would reverse the country’s nascent economic growth, kill millions of real and potential jobs, and deprive those suffering the most of social assistance. … 

Although it should be clear from any reading of the continual regurgitation of the Ryan Budget supported by Teapublicans in the House Senate, consider how the following would accomplish the objective of rebuilding the country as outlined by Palin and other CPAC leading liars in profound denial and avoidance of the facts of the ‘‘Pathway to Prosperity’’ plan from Ryan, the Great American and former Vice Presidential wannabe:

  • The shredding of Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid. (Privatizing? Vouchers?)
  • The tear down of critically needed food stamps, unemployment compensation, and spending for early education like head start…
  • Elimination of funding for disaster relief
  • More “defense spending” (when we already spend more than the total of the next 13 largest economies on the globe, including China and Russia – defense against whom or is it spending for the industrial military complex which includes all the manufacturers of personal sized lethal assault weapons.)
  • Focuses on reducing the deficit – austerity (which in Europe and England ruined recoveries across the board in the countries stupid enough to not understand Keynesian economics).
  • Is against spending to produce economic recovery.
  • Is against reversing – eliminating tax laws which only allowed the ultra-rich to redistribute more income upwards.
  • Further reduce regulation of Wall Street, based on laissez faire supply side lies from sociopathically greedy narcissists – which is psychopathic.
  • AND OF COURSE GET RID OF OBAMA CARE. (Prima Facie evidence of Teapublican concern for the middle class that CPAC Doublespeakers want to help?)

The goal is to stop the government from giving away stuff.  Which is ironic, because the Teapublicans are the Christian religious right gets off by sticking it to the poor. And, this lack of concern for the less fortunate is diametrically opposed to the all alleged teachings of the long dead Orthodox Jew the religious right has admitted into their prejudiced little hearts.  Don’t forget these Teapublican creationist zealot rightists, condom haters and vaginal invaders armed with ultra sound are the same pre-Dark Age “social conservatives,” who are rigidly and always right because god and jesus have their backs.

Apparently the basic goal of the Ryan Teapublican Budget that Governor for a day and Queen forever after Palin is in love with is to:  STOP THE PUNISHMENT OF THE JOB CREATORS.

Palin is the one the Teapublicans love, they might listen to the other stuff, some stuff might make a shard of sense, but the social conservatives are enraptured when Pailin drooled out loud in her jeans which the guy who followed her gleefully exclaimed, he would like to follow.  A vast majority of CPAC minds are tightly shrinked wrapped in pages from bibles written before leaching became popular and Galileo discovered the Earth’s heavens revolved around the Sun.  Of course he was soon pronounced a heretic and confined to house arrest in 1633, until his death, by the hero of our own social conservatives, the always popular St. Thomas Aquinas – maybe John Hagee is more popular.  Teapublicans search for rapture not sense, so Sara is the chosen one.

I have chosen to discuss Palin as she is the shining star symbolizing the mean spirit of all Teapublicans against common sense, rational thought – and the public good.  No one talks bat crazy crap better than Sarah.  And no people listen more intently to bat crazy crap than our own Teapublican Americans who are leading the treasonous sabotage of the public good. Teapublicans – Bachmann and McCarthy sound-alike Cruz are a close second – oh, maybe not – what about Boehner, Cantor and McConnell – oh wait, what’s up with Marsha Blackburn and the 138 members of the house who voted against the VAWA (violence against women, against it?)  It’s easy to keep going – oh again, can’t leave out Rand Paul who provided his fellow Americans with the best filibuster in years.  Complete the list in comments.

1984 lives on 2013, because doublespeak is the chief language of Teapublicans. The empirical evidence is self-evident and on full display at CPAC.  When I wrote a paper on 1984 at Miami University, in 1964, for a senior English course to cement a B from one of the most boring Profs in history, little did I know my intimate knowledge of Orwell would come to represent the Republican Party so many years after Ike and JFK.

The empty vacuous empty rhetoric of Doublespeak – characterizes Teapublican ingrained ignorance, self interest, lack of critical introspection and profound systemic lack of concern for we the people.  Yet, Sarah Palin said, “we are here to rebuild the country,” we being the conservative movement (comingled with the religious right creationists) that has subverted and sabotaged the public good by blockading Congress?  And we being all the people struggling to survive a depression, as well as  all the people scarred by the GOP 30-year war against the middle class.    

And this  is fundamentally depressing.  So it is better to not watch or listen to CPAC.

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  1. Kacer

    We’ll stop ‘punishing’ the so called (alleged) “job creators” a bit after they CREATE some jobs!