Reversing slavery was not raising the cost of plantation labor.  And reversing bad tax law is not raising taxes.  So far there has not been a war to free Americans from the tyranny of special interests, but there was a revolution once to free Americans from the tyranny of slavery, and you never know when people will just say – I CAN’T TAKE IT ANYMORE.

Keeping slaves came before freedom for all Americans. And keeping loopholes comes before all the kids in inner city schools who critically need early education to have a better shot at getting out of a rigid and self-sustaining cycle of poverty.  Have you ever seen what happens to kids in inner city schools?  Have you been in the classrooms?  Do you know there is growing anger against white people; because of the growing poverty, and the inescapable conclusion that it has been caused by the white man war against the middle class – which has made the bottom so much worse and heightened feelings of hopeless despair!  This anger is self- defeating behavior but understandable.

My wife has run volunteer reading programs in underfunded inner city schools and is currently tutoring some kids that have angry parents who have tragic lives and have tuned out.  She has witnessed a growing anger and sense of disenfranchisement that transfers to potentially terrific children, but by the time they are 9, a vast majority become hopelessly lost in the maze of poverty.  These kids are grateful and appreciative of help, but know they are being left behind.

Don’t we owe these kids and their parents more understanding, or we are just creating a class of Americans as left out as any 3rd world population on the brink of ethnic cleansing.  And the costs to help all these kids are far less than the costs to deal with what our society and devotion to maintaining loopholes has created.

There is an old adage in estate planning: it often costs more to do nothing than somethingAsk Ernst the founder of Ernst and Ernst who never signed his will, and died with it in the drawer of his desk.  Out of a $12M probatable estate, almost $10M went down the tubes.  Our inner cities are going in the same direction if we do not do more, ask Rahm Emanuel in Chicago, you can’t ask Ernst.

The war against the middle class and all the special interest sociopathic greed has created a subculture without hope or direction, drifting into crime and violence which says – no one cares about us; therefore, we do not care about ourselves.  The Teapublicans will vote no against raising the minimum wage.

There are not many black or Hispanic Americans against funding early childhood programs in inner city schools unless you count  black Teapublicans like Alan West or  999ers like Clarence Thomas who believe in self-reliance – which is fine but difficult, at best, to achieve for so many trapped in an unbroken circle of poverty with child parents who were also trapped by circumstances from birth.  And there aren’t many white liberals or progressives against funding inner city programs, especially early childhood!  So there is a broad swath of Americans, the majority of us,  who agree – Americans who did and do not care about the complexion of their president or the beautiful left out children –  Americans who care about rectifying problems.

But the Teapublicans do care about complexion! Implicit in the Teapublican concern for Obama’s complexion is their appalling lack of concern for all the kids who could become productive citizens someday; kids who badly need more concern and some palpable help.  How it is that not funding early education is part of what the GOP is for?  Not funding anything for the common good must be the philosophy that Paul Ryan’s newest budget is based on.  Ryan has clearly stated that although Obama won the election it does not mean that the GOP should give up, abandon their philosophy or  values.  What values? Creationist values from the pre-Dark Ages?  What would Jesus think about the Teapublicans’ appalling lack of concern for the poorest among us?

How do they sleep?  Dreaming about getting rid of Obamacare; gutting Social Security and Medicare, cutting food stamps and unemployment benefits for Americans trying to survive a depression for the middle class, which is far worse for the underclass – this is philosophy?  This is like adding giant red wood or sequoia trees to the fire that is burning out the guts of America.

So let’s keep loopholes for the job providers. Loopholes that have been coupled with economic philosophy that depends on absolute lies, like laissez faire supply side “bat crap crazy” Wall Street homilies; lies  which are nothing but propaganda to enable unfettered sociopathic greed.  Clearly the legitimatization of favoritism for the ultra-rich has not abated based on the empirical evidence of the new, but still bogus Ryan budget. Clearly Ryan is the Teapublican leader and faith based Crusader, protected by his impenetrable shield of lies and well defined reality disorder, who each day is obsessed with protecting the best interests of special interests.

It is about time the media stopped parsing loopholes to point out the so-called loopholes are tax laws gone awry that must be fixed – reversed.  If we get into a bad war, unless we are neo cons, we realize the need to stop participating.  It took too long to stop Viet Nam, and Iraq, and way too long to get out of Afghanistan – and only a moment of madness to get into these pointless and wasteful “wars.”   It’s time to make this distinction.

It has taken decades to amass loopholes which have created so much unnecessary and piggish wealth for a few. However, with some sense of fairness, it could take only moments of sanity to reverse.  Yell at Congress to fix this!  Use capital letters on Facebook!  HOW CRUDE>LOL.

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