Sequester is the result of the Teapublican’s Blockade of Congress.

Systemic obstruction continues with the GOP refusal to do the right thing to remedy Sequester cuts which will cause unnecessary tragedy for the neediest Americans, as well as restrict recovery from the 2nd worst economy since 1776. It is not right to cut Social Security or Medicare.

Furthermore, the GOP refusal to raise the debt ceiling (to shrink the size of government?) could result in a default by the United States.  On January 31st Congress suspended the debt ceiling limitation until a May 1st vote to raise the ceiling, postponing the moment of truth.  So the budget blockage fight is not over, however, this time if Congress does not pass the usual debt ceiling limit extension salaries for members of Congress will stop September 15th. (LOL)

Teapublican Party-time flies when you are having so much fun sabotaging the business of your own government.


Federal Debt Ceiling (National Debt)    Scott Eells/Bloomberg News

Overview    Federal law requires Congress to authorize the government to borrow any money that is needed to pay for the programs that Congress has passed…”

Never in the history of this country has there been so much absolute dedication to fighting against the public good, and never have there been so many lies to justify the unjustifiable.

  • Teapublicans do not negotiate in Good Faith about the Sequester, because they will not raise  taxes – which means the  Teapublicans  will  not eliminate loopholes.  At the same time  Teapublicans  demand cuts in Social Security and Medicare.
  • The tax benefits Teapublicans will not put on the table were primarily passed during the Bush glory years for Billionaires.
  • Big Oil experienced social engineering when oil was $30 a barrel, and exploration and recovery costs were a  higher % of revenues – there is no reason to give tax benefits to incentivize oil production today, maybe there never was a good reason.
  •  Big Oil has taken advantage of their oligopolistic/monopoly for decades by insidiously, disingenuously controlling supply, akin to DeBeers.  Are diamonds an economic necessity like energy?   So let’s protect Big Oil giveaways?
  • The debt ceiling has always been increased before the GOP became the Teapublican Party – whose favorite pastime is playing brinkmanship with America’s future financial stability, screwing the middle class – and lying about almost everything.
  • The national debt includes expenditures already voted for and approved in the past by Congress, it’s like credit card debt and the limit on your card; so to not extend the ceiling –  to pay the interest, current charges and some of  the outstanding balance – to keep the card alive, will cause a financial disaster.
  • Apparently Teapublicans are titillated by any opportunity to implode the size of government no matter how bad the consequences.

The Media needs to properly expose the root cause of our dysfunctional government. It is obligated to expose the cause of our permanent crisis: The un-American Teapublican Party.  (Bachman is worried about communists?)

Where is the 4th Estate in objectively creating informed public opinion?

  • On MSNBC at 3:00 pm on Wednesday February 27th,  four 30 something’s joked about the Sequester stalemate in Congress, played the non partisan blame game and interviewed a “brilliant” 25 something about Sequester polls.  The young guru said Republicans (the blockaders) will not raise taxes – when he should have said – Republicans refuse to eliminate tax favoritism for the ultra rich!
  • Just about everyone in the media uses the misleading phrase, Republican’s won’t raise taxes – which commits the omission of significant information —  why is missing.
  • Poll parsing does not objectively create an informed public.
  • To objectively inform it is time to critically question polling questions; or just look at the facts!
  • It’s time to explain how to create more  government revenue – not pass on the austerity lies of sociopathic greedy narcissists who pay an army of lobbyists to retain their personal tax benefits at the expense of the best interests of America.
  • It’s time to place the emphasis on the huge and appalling growth in financial inequality – the enormous redistribution of wealth to the top .05%.  Expose the Teapublican Fox News lies about the redistribution of wealth downward? (WTF?)
  • Emphasize financial fairness; expose the supply side cutting taxes lies. Create public understanding that Gov Spending will create jobs which the Teapublicans have voted against in lockstep.  (Treasonous Sabotage!)
  • Analyze why eliminating loopholes (tax favoritism for the rich) Gov Spending on jobs (etc.) will produce more government revenue to deal with the deficit.  Again, expose why austerity will cause a deeper economic hole as it has in Europe for the countries dumb enough to just cut expenses.  Successful CEOs know you  invest money to make it.
  • Get mad about the Blockade of Congress – objectively inform Americans how Teapublican obstruction has sabotaged the public good and put the future of America at risk!
  • Has the 4th estate objectively informed the public that:  IT’S TIME TO FIND SOME SELF INTEREST IN THE COMMON GOOD?  Are there 2 sides to this? 
  • Where is the objective outcry from members of the press to:  place America’s interests ahead of greedy interests?
  • Men and women in the military do this when they sacrifice their lives to preserve freedom – freedom even for the GOP to f—k the country.
  • Where is the objective rebuttal to the can’t raise taxes lie that persists from the Norquist golden years – when the highly paid shill for greedy sociopaths was a shinning symbol of phony Republican philosophy and phony economic supply side sh-t? (Redundant truth)
  • Parsing all the lies on non partisan sidelines creates a confused public, not an informed one.  So the 4th Estate allows lies to proliferate which create public confusion.
  • Where is the 4th Estate informing the public that unnecessary unfair tax benefits for the rich have undermined the future stability of the US economy? (Redundant truth, yes, just like all the redundant lies.)
  • Where is the relentless reminder how tax favoritism has shifted so much wealth to the top .05% that the US is among the countries with the highest ratios of wealth to poverty. (Redundant truth again, yes)
  • Where is the objective commentary at the moment of the can’t raise taxes lie pointing out how the geometric transfer of wealth to the ultra rich because of tax favoritism, has caused so much tragedy for the middle class – as well as for people less fortunate – like children of the poor (no matter what the reason) in inner city schools without appropriate funding, or enough food for lunch.  American kids who are growing up as the inner city generation of no hope.  (Sponsored by the Teapublican Baby Boomer Generation of I Am Not Going to Give Them Stuff.)
  • Redundancy for the truth is better than the repetitive parsing of lies to confuse and create a virtual reality which enables sociopathic narcissists to create more net worth.  (So this is redundant.)
  • Head start programs – a casualty of the war to not eliminate loopholes – the War Against the American Dream (read How We Got Swindled).  Is it Socialism to care about what happens to poor children with the same potential as rich kids?  Or just the right thing to do!
  • Pre-school programs, are not as important as continuing tax benefits for big oil or the carried interest capital gains treatment of hedge managers’ ordinary income.
  • The 1st Amendment was not designed for the 4th Estate to be non partisan about truth.  It was it designed to encourage and protect the 4th Estate to objectively identify lies and comment freely to arm the public with functional understanding.
  • Think about how Morrow, Cronkite and Rather objectively exposed lies and defended the truth.
  • When Rather questioned George Bush on CBS about the Iran Contra Affair/debacle, he objectively and vehemently called out Bush for lying.  And that is not the rule today – non partisan is.
  • The 1st Amendment does not protect 4th Estate lies. (Or self-evident lies in political ads!)
  • Therefore, Fox Views should have it license lifted for persistent, redundant, repetitive lies – self-evident lies are not protected by the 1st Amendment.  The 4th estate was protected only to create informed public opinion as a part of the checks and balances the founding fathers provided to protect our Republic.  And (to use biblical vernacular) lies tear it asunder.

Our founding fathers considered Treason to be dangerous to the future of the revolution; and to the ability of a new nation to  survive with citizens who were against the revolution – therefore, citizens who were presumed to be against the future viability of the newly formed United States.

But our founding fathers never heard of the Teapublicans or anticipated that one whole party of their two party system would turn against a majority of the citizens.  So the Constitutional definition of Treason does not specifically address this unforeseen situation; which is why there is a Supreme Court as well as why the Constitution is considered a living document.  So it is simple to reason that any act against the security of the United States constitutes Treason and any perpetrator ought to be indicted as a treasonous saboteur.

It’s time for some redundant truth to replace all the redundant lies!

Is it not treason to relentlessly block Congress to subvert the public good to favor sociopathic greed at the expense of the majority of American citizens and America’s economy in the present and in the future?  Is a Blockade of Congress Treason?

Is it not Treason to sabotage the future financial security of the United States?

Image courtesy of Mario Piperni

Buy Henry’s brilliant book from Amazon, about which David Satterfield, former Business Editor of the Miami Herald and 2 times Pulitzer Prize Winner, said this:

This should be must-reading for every policy maker in Washington and every student of economics and finance.

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  1. Amanda More

    Occupy Wallstreet is suing! http://wallstreetonparade.com/2013/02/occupy-movement-files-lawsuit-against-every-federal-regulator-of-wall-street/ The Corporation media is not needed. Thousands upon thousands have been and will be watching from each state and many cities throughout the country. But will the 30 year old baying of the Republicans finally be stopped? “Deregulation.” They have been idiots and worse horribly destructive idiots. The Teapublicans (actually Koch funded mere branding now) merely jumped on board.

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