Lost in the Sequester charade is the real economic need to create jobs.  Clearly austerity did not work in Europe, yet the Teapublicans and the GOP cling to economic ignorance.  Because the GOP does not want to let go of laissez faire, supply side, maximize profits no matter what, because it has created so much wealth for sociopathic greedy narcissists.

No matter that this approach derived from born-again Social Darwinism, which began in earnest in the first term of R. Reagan, led to the 2nd worst economy since 1776, is still responsible for the continuing financial tragedy and financial inequality for so many millions of Americans.

Boehner blames Obama, and the GOP party-line sounds like a domino series of empty echoes in a vast sewer of Teapublican lies.

The controlling issue three years ago was a function of the fact that the Teaparty would not approve a budget which included tax increases – meaning on the top 1% – and would only agree to a budget with substantial cuts in Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid.  Let alone agree to a budget that included the ever hateful – Obamacare.  So, as the media loves to say: Congress kicked the can down the road – and on August 2, 2011 the House passed the Budget Control Act.  Only 50% of Democrats voted for this Act, while 73% of Republicans voted in the affirmative.  Therefore, it could not have been merely Obama’s fault as Boehner contends!

The Budget Control Act was due to the fact that brain deficit Teapublicans could only focus on the deficit; and refused to acknowledge or understand the historical empirical evidence which supports the economic theory of deficit spending in a macro global economy.  And specifically the result of the only way the Teapublicans could be convinced to avoid an unprecedented U.S. Sovereign default.

Our non-partisan about the truth media has suggested Obama could provide better leadership to achieve more non-partisanship – which means get the Teapublicans to make sense?  Better Presidential leadership for a group of Teapublicans who are “birthers”  riddled with prejudice and are religious zealots  who have faith in creationism,  but paranoid about the U.S. government coming to get them so they are armed to the teeth with assault weapons?   Obama has not had enough contact with his enemies?

Many of these Idiots Gone Wild (refer to past EHS rants) want to return to the “gold standard” not knowing that the size of America’s economy and confidence in the US dollar has replaced the paucity of gold America could amass compared to the size of our economy.  Small countries could get closer to having enough gold, but who cares except Ron and Rand Paul.  As they are both supposed to be MDs, perhaps they could understand that going back to the gold standard would be a return to leaching.

Important members of the media are busily parsing the politics of playing chicken, but have you heard much about the material substance of the real issue: how to create jobs.  No – only about polls pretending to gauge public approval based on complex questions to which only allow simple answers; like – do you walk to school or carry your lunch – yes or no?  And this simplicity lends itself to simply parsing, but is not a logically valid approach to measuring reality.

We know the job creator lie has been debunked to everyone but the GOP-Teapublicans.  And many people must understand that without private spending on capital formation, which means: spending to build new manufacturing plants in the US or enlarging plants here and not opening plants offshore;   repairing and restoring infrastructure badly deteriorated from years of neglect (deferred maintenance); spending on renewable energy; or even high speed rail – there will not be enough new jobs.

Where is the private spending from the job creators (like Romney for example):  offshore in secret bank accounts; or in plants built in Ireland; or Mexico, or somewhere outside of our borders often motivated by tax favoritism (loopholes) enacted by the GOP during the reign of W the puppet.  Cheney, of course, the man from big oil, pulled the strings.

So here we are, once again facing the lack of facing what must be done to rebuild jobs, with corporate profits growing, but not being shared with the workers these companies depend on.  The middle class is in disarray from the effects of the 30 year war waged by greedy sociopathic narcissists who only care about their own piles of money, and the media is parsing deficit chicken instead of stapling the deficit hawks to the wall.

Reality can work if you want to live there, by paying the price to be better informed to fight back against all the lies.  But in the meantime we have let the greediest and the dumbest Americans push us through a hole in the truth and are trying to exist in “wonderland.”

(My new book, How We Got Swindled…was written to better inform Americans about all the economic lies and exposes the real root cause underlying America’s vast chasm of financial inequality.)

…  If you wait for greedy sociopaths to receive the Stigmata, as St. Francis did, in 1224, in his grotto in La Verna, it’s going to be a long wait.  (I can’t take this anymore, can you?)



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