If not, Graham clearly has lots of stuff that should go into the bowl instead of out of his mouth.  He is the Sherlock Holmes of Benghazi, prying into all matters of minutiae, especially the cover up of a terrorist act that was not approved by him or his special friend John McCain.  Where was Libya?  Comeon!  After 10,000 pages of testimony, Lindsey, and his cohort McCain still have questions.  (I have questions about imaculate conception, which is confusing to me.)

Is terrorism confusing at the moment it happens?  Duh!   And McCain drilled this question into David Gregory on Meet the Press – don’t you care about the 4 Americans who were killed?  For a change Gregory pushed back, when he asked McCain, “what cover up?”  All McCain could do was continue to ask if Gregory cared about the deaths.  Does McCain care about pointless death when he is a major hawk who flies on behalf of America’s out of control military-industrial complex?  McCain would rather be dead than vote to ban assault weapons.

The Teapublican party line is still the ludicrous notion that Obama never called Benghazi an act of terrorism, when this was settled by Candy Crowley in the 2nd Presidential Debate and then confirmed by Obama’s election.  Yet the Teapublicans can’t let go of this repetitive lie.

And Lindsey is outraged over the pending appointment of his former colleague, Chuck Hagel.  However, his buddy John Boy truthfully explained why – Hagel refused to go along with his fellow Republicans when he thought Bush was wrong, or when he thought the Republican party-line was not reality based, but just wrong.

Why can’t the Teapublicans stop the obstructionism and get behind a jobs bill, get behind the restoration of America’s infrastructure, get behind renewable energy and get behind the common sense issues raised in Obama’s State of the Union Address.  Why can’t they be for the middle class rather than the ultra rich sociopaths who are exponetionally greedy narcissists?

Why can’t the Teapublicans take the lead in fixing Wall Street Banks, because Obama has dropped the ball on this – and if you think about continuing to make markets for $700 Trillion to $1.2 Quadrillion Derivatives WITHOUT ANY FOUNDATIONAL VALUE – the Teapublicans could be instrumental in saving our future from an H-Bomb sized financial plague.  This could be a Teapublican non-partisan gift to the world.

Non-partisan in media-speak means get the Teapublicans to do something that makes common sense.  It means enlist Teapublican support for issues that benefit the middle class.  But obstructionism has become the mantra and raison d’être of the party of Lincoln.

Which leaves one nagging unanswered question: is it an act of Treason to obstruct Congress? 

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