Everyone knows what straw is and everyone who is not reality challenged knows what military assault weapons are about.  But Congress pretends  arguments for not voting against military handheld weapons of mass destruction don’t stink.

And then there is Wayne LaPissoire, one of the national leaders of the Idiots Gone Wild, oops I mean Tea Party-Republicans, parsing straw from the vast pile of manure he reasons from.  LaPissoire is an expert in relaying manure-like logic to Congressional leaders who have provided him a platform to argue the world is flat.  Maybe Wayne’s Congressional platform helps validate the denial he must need to escape the putrid stench of his own egregious and ludicrous verbal behavior flowing from the preponderance of manure spilling forth from his fertile imagination.

There is no reason to debate the absurd, yet that’s what is taking place.  And, of course,  the leading parsers of modern times, the members of the 21st century media are only too happy to have something to parse.

If LaPissiore, a primary enabler of mass killings, is testifying under oath – aren’t all his lies perjury?  Barry Bond’s were, however, his lies did not continue to foster the mass killings of his fellow Americans.

It is self-evident why there is no sane reason to support weapons designed to effectively and efficiently kill enemies in combat as fast as possible.  Yet Congress is always willing to have this debate, in lieu of simply outlawing weapons that the hopelessly paranoid Republicans cling to in case the American Government turns on its own citizens like so many 3rd world revolutionary governments have.

So there is a critical need to institutionalize all the paranoid Tea Party “Idiots Gone Wild” until they have had enough psycho therapy to get over being psycho.  Maybe they would also appreciate single payor health, because without it, the cost of being institutionalized could put them in Potters field.  Which is where the war waged against the middle class by the greediest sociopathic ultra rich narcissists has placed millions of Americans.

Today we are living in a  country loaded with guns, armed to the teeth just in case the American Army becomes as nuts as too many Americans.  And Wall Street has been forgotten; but Wall Street’s $700 trillion to 1.2 quadrillion derivatives could be as dangerous as a hydrogen bomb sized financial explosion, or would it be – implosion?

It is easier to parse guns than crazy, surreal financial leverage (with no foundational value), because Americans feel warm and cozy about their guns (which they can kiss good night or even sleep with).  Therefore, Americans prefer to remain in the dark about derivatives. This is positive, because there is enough rampant paranoia already.  Can you imagine the profound insecurities that would result from understanding that derivative markets are cantilevered over the edge of a real world-wide financial catastrophe – which has the potential to cause the largest depression of all time.

It is easier to avoid outlawing military weapons and deny and avoid the fact that assault weapons can kill  a class full of wonderful children with their lives before them.  It is easier for the Tea Party/Repubs to accept all the casualties caused by assault weapons, than to think about all the casualties that Wall Street sociopathic greed may cause.  Especially because sociopathic greedy narcissists like the Coch boys fund the Tea Party.

Alice should have tried living in Parserland.  Makes you wonder, doesn’t it! 


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