Nothing like Benghazi to bring out the best in the Tea Party as well as formerly admired Republicans like “early onset” McCain; who misplaced his memory of the usual and customary confusion resulting from any Arab conflicted confrontation.  Maybe John was confused at the moment he was shot down? Certainly Libya has a conflicted past history, so how can anyone rational expect rationality at a moment’s notice.  Remember McCain’s lie about how the Cong wanted to release him from prison, because his father was an Admiral, but he elected to remain in support of his men.  Having captured the son of an Admiral probably allowed the Cong to think they had some leverage – they would not have freed Buddha.

Trust me; I attended USNOCS in Newport, RI in 1964 – no one I knew ever believed his lie. A lie McCain concocted to make himself feel and look better when he dumped his tragically injured and disfigured wife to marry the very rich Cindy, shortly after he returned when the war ended.

A future great man like the new Tea Party Senator – Johnson of Wisconsin, attempted to make a name for himself, right out the box, by accusing America’s Secretary of State (who has worked tirelessly for peace in the Middle East and to create a higher level of cooperation between all nations) of failure to react properly to explain a cluster fuck situation.  Johnson and others accused Hillary of lying to cover up what happened, not caring that Republicans had curtailed funding for State, therefore reducing its ability to provide security for some embassies. And Government is always subject to screwing things up – what about how Condi, Bush and Cheney would not listen to Richard A. Clarke about the threat of Al-Qaida prior to 9/11:

Writing in Sunday’s Washington Post, Richard Clarke, the former counterterrorism chief under Presidents Clinton and Bush, slammed Dick Cheney and Condoleezza Rice for invoking what he…

Time Magazine reported in 2002 that Clarke had an extensive plan to “roll back” al Qaeda — a plan that languished for months, ignored by senior Bush officials:…

Rand Paul (son of Ron, against paper money Paul because his bible said: paper money is wrong) vehemently told Hillary – that if he were the president he would fire her. Lucky for us he is a Senator!  It is self-evident that Paul is a shining example of Idiots gone wild.

And Tea Party Cruz, the new creationist from Texas, in the Senate, thinks Hillary is a liar, which is the Party line, and reminded everyone of how great Reagan was – forgetting the Iran–Contra Affair, which was against the law and  far above the Bengahzi debacle.

Idiots Gone Wild is the problem with the Republican Party; and Bobby Jindal should take note of this as he is on a new mission to develop the outright lie that Republicans are the party for the people and small business – “not big business.”  That’s what he said.

So, this past week the Tea Party Regatta was on full display in both the House and Senate, and we got to watch and hear why Hillary has been such a great Secretary of State, based on how easily, gracefully, and forcefully (when necessary and appropriate) she handled the idiots gone wild.  Additionally we learned how little the grillers know about foreign affairs, especially diplomacy.

However, we did learn what Republicans do not know about being respectful and courteous to the Secretary of  State.

The party line was that the Secretary of State should be able to read millions of memos about the entire world to single handedly control every decision regarding every embassy on the globe, every foreign US outpost on the globe – every day.

Forget about all the bright dedicated members of the State Department, who are only human. So let’s make the actions of a group of lunatics celebrating the aniversary of 9/11 by killing Americans the responsibility of our Secretary of State because she was appointed by the President  who they were elected to hate.  Therefore, Republicans obstruct, subvert and oppose whatever Obama and liberals propose no matter how great  the benefit to their fellow Americans.  And this may properly be regarded as the treasonous sabotage of the public good.  This is the war against the middle class.

Obstruction and hate are a way of life for the Tea Party, whose members are profoundly rigid puritan Christian zealots who believe in Creationism just like their favorite religious leaders from the past did in the pre-Dark Ages, or farther back to the days of Constantine – or 300 years back to the birth of Jesus – who ironically was an Orthodox Jew.

It is rumored that Tea Party members are Cro-Magnon wizards reincarnated.

Europe’s Ancestors: CroMagnon 28,000 Years Old Had DNA Cached – Similar  Jul 16, 2008 – Some 40000 years ago, CroMagnons — the first people who had a skeleton that looked anatomically modern — entered Europe, coming from

Often, in the annals psychology, it is observed that denial and avoidance are the refuge of those suffering from reality disorders.  So, of course this rumor can’t be true because life, as the Tea Party knows and as the Creation Museum in Cincinnati teaches, started only 6,000 years ago.

An “enlightened” self described Tea Party member of the Christian Right, who is the CFO of a chain of nursing homes out of Cincinnati, proudly explained he believed life started about 25,000 years ago, when I enlightened him how my recently deceased mother-in-law’s bills from his company’s Alzheimer facility in Cleveland had indulged in fraudulent billing after she died.

It is not belief in the teachings of Jesus that sets the Tea Party apart from others who believe in the Golden Rule that Jesus taught, it is that the Christian Right does not follow the Golden Rule or care about any neighbors who are different from their ludicrous posture toward empirical reality, and science.   Idiots Gone Wild occupy our bedrooms and personal life choices and want the government to be intimately involved with their “family values,” which means the imposition of their reality disorders on the majority of us who think government does not belong in our  private lives.  Ironically this is the zenith of hypocrisy as the  Tea Party/Republicans do not believe in Government (unless it’s for them).

Belief in Jesus or God does not have to exclude the diversity of human experience and different belief systems.  I am an atheist who loves the spirit of Christmas and wish everyone Merry Christmas.  It is clear that our founders recognized the separation between church and state is of critical importance.  The re-emergence of the religious right is a major cause of many of our current problems; considering all the moralizing by judgmental “conservatives” who are the Idiots Gone Wild, masquerading as the so-called social conservatives.

So much depends on remembering that the Tea Party is the Christian right, and because of its close ties to God and Jesus, has the only moral path or intellectual path to the truth.  And it is also significant remember that their beliefs echo the teaching of the greatest pre-Dark Age religious leaders, therefore they do not think straighter than St Thomas Aquinas who confined Galileo to house arrest for the last decade of his life – because he committed the sin of postulating the Earth revolved around the Sun, when God lived in the heavens along with the Sun. – blasphemy on high!

So when witnessing the Tea Party ideas or responses to anything – keep in mind that almost all Republican legislators today are either members of the Tea Party or intent on kissing its ass.

It is easy to cite more examples of how Hillary skillfully handled the grillers, and how the Tea Party Idiots Gone Wild specialized in irrelevant conclusions and begged the questions of how our Government could have mishandled a 9/11 mindless terrorist event.  The National Review’s Goldberg lied about Hillary lying and that Obama never mentioned terrorism – which was clearly resolved in his  Presidential Debate:

Dem Rep to Hillary During Benghazi Hearing – National Review…/dem-rep-hillary-during-benghazi-hearin…CachedYou +1’d this publicly. Undo

4 days ago – Goldberg: Hillary Clinton’s Dodgy Testimony During this afternoon’s hearing in the House on the Benghazi attack that left four Americans

Finally think mental rigor mortis, that’s the condition the Tea Party and a majority of Republicans indulge in to avoid the insecurities of a complex globe and to avoid rethinking the past in terms of the present as well as to fulfill their destiny to be the subservient pawns of the ultra rich who are sociopathic, greedy narcissists.  Further behind all their reactions against the empirical reality they reject is their ingrained prejudice toward blacks and women – which is clearly evidenced by are how rigidly they have been against Obama and now Hillary – who would make a fine president but not much of a Steppford wife.  (The grilling to discredit Hillary is a prelude to a possible future run for the presidency.)

Last week was only another great moment in the saga of the Idiots Gone Wild; which regrettably is a saga without an end in sight. 

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  1. janet I rapoza

    I think I will read this every time I get upset about the teapublicans…A breath of fresh air and a big boost that I needed badly.. Keep up the good work….Janet

  2. Colleen Bartell

    Thank you for a great article. Hillary made these people look like the fools they are. She did a great job as Secretary of State. Too bad she has resigned that post.

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