So House Republicans, from all reports, seem to be intent on letting their country go into default while keeping assault weapons is their chief concern.  If  for no other reason than their creationist driven ignorance of the need for government; which to Tea Party patriots means government supported by the neighbors they hate: along with liberals, progressives, objective members of the press and anyone who needs health insurance that can’t get it. And they hate everyone that does not think as little as they do.  Red States, where so many Tea Partiers hang out, receive more in transfer payments than Blue States, so they only rely on government, but don’t need it or want it?

House and Senate Republicans do accept hefty government paid benefits of all sorts, including an income for obstructing the public good and for supporting assault weapons.  Is this peculiar form of insanity not something that should be quarantined?  What kind of insanity is it to take a “look see” at what would happen if the United States of America was forced into default by Americans? How is this not a form of Treason!  Certainly causing a default would be against the internal security of “the homeland.”

What if GOP thought spread to the 51% of us who are not yet infected.  It could be possible then, to absolutely ruin a country that has survived since 1776 that has exhibited more concern for the public good than any country in history in a relatively short time.  Think about the potential to vote against women’s suffrage, or outlaw condoms, get rid of Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid; even better – have automatic weapons in every pot, instead of the chickens FDR wanted for Americans devastated by the Great Depression – and then introduce a bill to outlaw the teaching of science and require that all Americans become creationists.  What a perfect world without the East Coast Intellectuals, and the West Coast ones, or the ones now in Ohio.

Democrats have enabled this insanity as well.  They could have filibustered the lack of renewing the assault weapon ban, by filibustering Bush tax cuts in exchange for the assault ban.  Democrats could use the filibuster like the GOP, and block all the dumb stuff the GOP wants.  Then we could have real gridlock, in lieu of virtual.  And they could start impeachments against some of the great Republican Saboteurs like: McConnell, Cantor, Boehner and one of my personal favorites, Darrell Issa from Cleveland Heights. Issa is still regarded as a car thief and con man by former high school classmates. I live next door in Shaker Heights, and have been informed of this by two of his former classmates that I know.

Like Issa, Democrats could start Congressional investigations about everything (nothing) and lie about the import of the need to investigate mistakes or terrorist “cluster f—ks.”  Patriots like Issa need guns to protect themselves from those of us who care about each other – or is it from their friends who are armed to the teeth?

The airwaves, the Ethernet, the tube and newspapers and news magazines still in print are ablaze with gun debates.  How is it possible to debate 24/7 the self-evident truth that assault weapons, which are military weapons designed to kill as many people as possible efficiently in a short burst of time, do not belong in the hands of the public?  Next Wayne LaPistoire the Great will extol the virtues of napalm, hand grenades, hand held missile launchers, and especially nerve gas to protect yourself from an aberrant government just in case King George is reincarnated.  The brain dead genius calling for the celebration of Gun Day, told Rev Al that “citizens have a right to own any weapons our military has to be able to protect and defend themselves.” So paranoia is the rule, and the fact checkers are out like zombies on the prowl.

Political capital is a big question.  Can a member of the House or the Senate vote for a sensible ban or bill “for the people” without spending “political capital?”  Can a member of the GOP survive without the NRA or the Tea Party?  America did OK before these lobbyists petitioned all their lackeys to only do their bidding, notwithstanding their income, pension and health benefits are paid for by “we the people.”

Chuck Todd is brilliant in dissecting all the political considerations and consequences of Congressional voting – but like so many in the 4th Estate, does not spend as much as 1/10th of the time vehemently dissecting on how wrong it is to not ban military weapons. Where are the  Chronkites or the Murrows?  Both sides are interviewed, because it is more important to be non-partisan about the truth than take a stand for truth and aggravate the liars or the ones who care nothing about the public good – only about their own good and who butters their election bread.

So the pastime is to parse the be Jesus out of banning personal WMDs, (assault weapons); and question if there are  enough votes for gun control. To add gravitas, politcal pundits love to  interview Congressional leaders who sympathize with what a tough vote it would be for someone in a rural district to vote for gun control.  And at the same time overlook  the treason of the GOP who would jeopardize America’s internal security, by critically damaging the economy when it is still badly depressed by forcing the country into default.

Does a ban on military weapons or a vote to fund a budget to pay for stuff already committed to pay for have a chance to pass?  Would a vote to ban  ingrained ignorance have a chance in Congress?  The real question is does anything that makes sense have a chance with the current group of GOP treasonous saboteurs – obstructing and subverting the public good of their country into the ground of discontent. 

 When people get off a plane or boat with a critically dangerous disease they are quarantined.  And treasonous saboteurs are jailed.  Assuming treason is not on the table yet – why not institutionalize the GOP until they get a better grip on reality and humanity?

Institutionalize them on their own dime.

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  1. Will

    “Assault weapon” isn’t even a real, concrete category of firearm. It’s an arbitrary political label used to denote whatever firearm the speaker is feeling negatively towards at that moment, and is defined by people who have very little understanding of how firearms work.

    The term “assault rifle,” however, is a valid term, and comes from the German word “sturmgewehr,” meaning “storm rifle.” It refers to a fully-automatic rifle chambered for a mid-powered cartridge. The first rifle in this class of firearm was the German StG44 during World War II. Since the US firearms in question are not fully-automatic, they’re not assault rifles, plain and simple. They’ve just had that political buzzword attached to them because of the generally negative connotations of “assault.” Fully-automatic firearms have been heavily regulated since 1934.

    If you look for a meaningful, mechanics / functionality-oriented definition of “assault weapon,” you won’t find one, because one doesn’t exist.

    I have two rifles: both are semi-automatic, both use detachable magazines, both are chambered for the 5.56mm cartridge, and both have the same length barrel. They both fire the same bullets, at the same rate, at the same velocity. One is an AR15, and is considered an assault weapon; the other is a Mini-14 and is not considered an assault weapon.

    The Federal-level test for whether or not something is an assault rifle basically amounts to:
    1: Is it black and does it have an air of “tactical-ness” to it?
    2: Has any similar model ever been used for military service?
    3: Is it, in my subjective opinion, scary-looking?

    Even using the broad, sweeping, arbitrary Federal definition of the term, “assault weapons” account for roughly 1.5% of guns used in crimes in the US. Yet, I would (as someone knowledgeable about gun ownership in America) ballpark the number of “assault weapons” in the US as comprising a solid quarter of all firearms. All evidence overwhelmingly points to “assault weapons” not being a problem. The anti side has failed to demonstrate sufficient justification for a ban, and like I said, the onus is on them.

    The entire issue is like attempting to outlaw racing stripes on cars in an ill-conceived attempt to reduce speeding, and then, when people complain, demanding that they provide you with a compelling reason for why they need racing stripes on their vehicles.

    • Merrily Snider

      Wow, you sure edumacated me. Assault weapon/assault rifle? WOW! Who knew?

  2. This was my response to Will:
    Why do you need or own 2 “assault rifles?” To hunt and blow holes in the head or side of the unsuspecting target. And 22 Remington rifle should be as much fun to shoot for target practice. American Heritage: “ a weapon is something used in combat.”

    To parse nomenclature is to obscure the controlling issue — which is the ability to fire rapidly to kill as many people as possible within a brief period of time – and this totally a function of winning a war by killing great numbers of the “enemy.” Therefore, to call assault rifles assault weapons accurately provides mutual comprehension – which is the goal of using language effectively. Refer to some prominent relative linguists like Whorf or Hiakowa. It is self-evident the material substance of an assault rifle is an assault weapon. Plato said – “it is not the role of the one who points out the self-evident (the truth) to prove it, but is the responsibility of the one who denies the self-evident to absolutely negate.

    Finally, your fallacious analogy which compares outlawing assault weapons to outlawing “racing stripes” on cars is not logical, but borderline insanity. There is no logical way to argue that assault weapons belong in the hands of the public – unless you are among the clinically paranoid who believe the US Government will appear on their door step someday, military weapons in hand, to do them wrong. So you do you believe that you must be ready to go into combat against the US Government? To reason from what the revolutionaries in 1776 were dealing with to today is not logical. And and a large majority of Americans, including NRA members, realize this and do not support: what are properly regarded as assault weapons; the lack of appropriate background checks; clips which provide an ability to fire bursts of large rounds into crowds; cop killer bullets (ordnance) – etc.

    • Merrily Snider

      Thank you. I was thinking the same thing but he was so excited about his expertise/phraseology that who would disagree.

  3. Johnathan stein


    You seem to have confused “Cause” with “Effect”. 90% of mass shootings involve prescribed, psychiatric drugs, known (and labeled) to induce violence in the 25 year-old and under crowd.

    See the final paragraph of http://davidhealy.org/the-boy-with-the-ponytail-who-kicked-the-hornets-nest/

    If you’d care to spot check the facts, here is a source: http://www.ssristories.com/

    As for the whole “assault” label on weapons, well, that’s just silly. Anyone with any practical experience KNOWS the correct distinction is “full” versus “semi” automatic, and semi-auto firearms have been around over a century. They are not, and have never been, a “Cause” of violence. Similarly, limiting clip size, pistol grips, bayonet lugs and the like are merely examples of misguided micro-management by the ignorant and uninformed.

    Finally, I would take exception to your statement, “To reason from what the revolutionaries in 1776 were dealing with to today is not logical.” Political corruption always waits in the wings, and the right to bears arms is not only vested by the Federal 2nd Amendment, but most State Constitutions as well, so that final “veto” power rests in the hands of the population. You might look up “The Battle of Athens, TN” in the USA for a recent historical example.


    • Johnathan, you seem confused about the insanity of allowing citizens to possess lethal military assault weapons. It is self evident the this makes no sense! Plato said, it is not the role of the one who points out the self evident (the truth) to prove it; it is the responsibility of the one who denies the self evident to absolutely negate it.

      You are confused about the truth or paranoid, why not just limit the ability to effectively eliminate 30 people in 30 seconds, unless they are SS troopers advancing against the Steins or the Schoenbergers or against the 3M Catholics Hitler also killed? Comeon Stein. Get real!

      • Johnathan stein

        Hi EHenry,

        I like your writing enough to put your book on order with Amazon. However, in this matter, your choice of language reveals a rather heavy bias.

        “Lethal” applies to any weapon, whether a firearm, fist, knife or baseball bat. Years of FBI murder stats show that rifles of ALL kinds are the LEAST used weapon — less than fists, knifes or bats!

        “Assault” is another of these adjectives, which describe purpose but is used to inject emotion over reason in discussion. You can equally define Police use of an AR-15 as a “Patrol” rifle, or a homeowner’s use as a “Defense” weapon. Playing games with emotionally-charged adjectives gains little ground beyond serving the purpose of propaganda.

        As for”Military”, the standard issue M-16 rifle has a fully-automatic, machine-gun function, which is NOT available on ANY “Civilian” version. All other features are merely “style”; just because a rifle has a pistol-grip, a bayonet lug, etc. has no effect on it’s function as a firearm.

        Such “Military” features add no more effectiveness or “lethality” than they do to a toy gun –or clothing, for that matter.

        The so-called “high-capacity” magazine “ban” is another bit of attempted propaganda, which will not persuade anyone who has used clip-fed firearms. The standard magazines for AR-15 or M-16 are 20 (straight) and 30 (banana-clip). The political propagandists’ attempt to make STANDARD sizes into something they’re not will fool no one with experience — even modern pistols can hold 20 rounds.

        In short, you — and many others — try to bestow some kind of “magical” power based on an ammunition “loading” function. That is non-persuasive, aside from the fact that any hunter knows the AR-15 is far less “lethal” than any large-game rifle.

        So, in conclusion: Your “self-evident” argument simply falls apart, as it is based on fallacy. In addition, you consistently ignore the MAIN issue, which is the CAUSE of such mass-shooting behavior — “cause” vs. “effect”. Firearms of any kind do NOT cause shootings, any more than cars cause accidents.

        I don’t see how (or why) you blind yourself to the fact that over 10% of the U.S. population is on prescription anti-depressants, especially when they are involved in 90% of mass shootings, and are LABELED with warnings that they cause such behavior PARTICULARLY in the 25 & under age group — where most of these incidents occur, from Columbine to Newtown.

        Failure to address behavior as the “cause” means that ANY action on “gun-control” will be worse than futile — it mis-directs effort to solve the problem.

        That is the self-evident truth in this matter. I would urge you to re-coinsider this matter, and address all the facts.

        • Jonathon,

          I understand your, hopefully, Socratic arguments. I understand the power of 1 bullet as when I went to camp in New Hampshire I was an NRA bar 9 with a 22 rifles, and when I attended USNOCS I was trained (semi-trained) to use a 45 (in case a destroyer was boarded? in the No Atlantic?) And my bood has a chapter on the Use and Abuse of Language which is about how language is supposed to be used to elicit thought, but usually used to shape thought (relative linguistics – Whorf etal.)

          So I exercise shaping thought because too many Americans (and the rest of the Globe) allow their thoughts to be shaped. And I, along with a growing multitude of Americans are sickened by all the automatic personal assault weapons. If you go on some websites of Swiss gun mfgs you will see that is their phrasing. And you have heard the proliferation of all the paranoi to justify being armed to the teeth in the event the US military starts attacking Americans on their front door steps.

          The most lethal weapon is an idea or the lack thereof. So this US at this juncture in history is in a state of continual Congressional constipation as the Teapublicans have blockaded Congress and taken the public good as their hostage.

          Good to hear from a Stein who is alive, Gertrude is dead. You can always contact me directly – ehs@ehenry.net. You will profit from reading the only book about the real root cause of how our economy acheived the 2nd worst economy since 1776 along with a vast chasm of financial inequality. Glad you are going to read Swindled – last thought – each chapter could have been a whole book, however, as I don’t have a PhD I did not have to write a bible about each part that combined to create the war against the middle class. How We Got Swindled is more explicit the a couple of paragraphs that may polarize my commentary, but still are based on material substance.

          I hope to hear from you again. H

  4. Whoa! This blog looks exactly like my old one! It’s on a entirely different topic but it has pretty much the same layout and design. Outstanding choice of colors!

    • Merrily Snider

      Thank you. I was thinking the same thing but he was so excited about his expertise/phraseology that who would disagree.

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