Treason in Congress is to obstruct and subvert the public good which puts the future of America at risk.  Allegiance to Grover continues, as well as  fear of, and hate for government; ironically the haters take more from the Federal Budget than progressives.  All of our attention is to be vigilant for threats against the security of the U.S. from without, when the real threat is from within.

Classic treason has been characterized by spies aiding and abetting our enemy.  This is what our founding fathers feared as revolutionaries who were afraid of Tory spies that wanted to obstruct and prevent the revolution against King George.  The American Revolution was to extricate the colonies from being oppressed, but because the Tories wanted to remain English citizens there were acts of treason which jeopardized the future of the new nation.  The Constitution takes into account the experiences of our founding fathers derived from Tories and problems with foreign enemies; as well as Man’s history of wars to take over land ad nauseum.  Therefore, the traditional view of treason is what has controlled how treason has been regarded from the earliest days of conquerors and religious leaders like Popes, and all who sought power and glory at the expense of the people who supported them.  Treason is betrayal.

However, with the advent of the “New Republicans,” the substance of what may jeopardize America’s security should be redefined to accommodate the contemporary realities of: the so-called, Fiscal Cliff; assault weapons; corporate personhood; overturning The Affordable Care Act; deregulated, unfettered sociopathic greed; pledging allegiance to Grover Norquist; attacking Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid; and essentially adopting a campaign of disdain and lies in a campaign to defeat a sitting president – respect for the flag and the oval office is essential to maintaining a Democratic Republic.  Political overt and intentional lies are not protected under the 1st Amendment. Lying to win a presidential election is a form of betrayal, because it is against the best interests of the citizens.  We know lying is wrong, but it does not count unless you are sworn in as a witness to Congress, and then a lie becomes perjury, which is illegal.  But if one is not sworn in then it is merely – to disregard the facts.

The attacks against the fabric of our culture, which must include the middle class, are too numerous to discuss here. Our public discourse has not focused on the real threat to our future which is why I wrote a book about all the significant issues and culprits which combined to create the 2nd worst economy since 1776 and this vast chasm of financial inequality.  So I refer you to How We Got Swindled By Wall Street Godfathers, Greed & Financial Darwinism ~ The 30-Year War Against the American Dream  if you want to be objectively informed about the root cause of how and why these elements morphed into the new order of America. Trust me our security is under attack when a majority of our country’s citizens welfare is not taken into account by so large a group of politicians.

The enemy of our security has become the Americans who have massed their prejudice and self- interest to make war against the public good by obstructing the ability of the United States Government to function in order to protect the public good. – SimilarYou +1′d this publicly. Undo E pluribus unum Latin for “Out of many, one…

Out of many is how we became one, and today the many no longer count.  The mounting unrest from within is the real danger to our security.

It is infinitely irrational and wrong to hold the common good of the American people and the Federal Government hostage to the Saboteurs’ ethic of – no new taxes.  The hostage is the worn out body of the public good.  And this act of treasonous sabotage epitomizes…the 30-year war against the American Dream!  Refusing to raise taxes on incomes of $400,000, on the wealthiest Americans, is empirical, prima facie evidence of the existence of born-again Social Darwinism metastasized into Financial Darwinism.  Financial Darwinism means – survival of the richest; and these are the ones who pay for an army of mercenary lobbyists to fight 24-7 against any increase in tax or any regulation that could put sociopathic greed into a cage.

The continuing war against Obama and the middle class is not just evidenced by the insane and un American pledge of allegiance to Norquist of no new taxes, but also by the refusal to finally recognize the systemic danger of weapons of war in the hands of crazy people who have a paranoid fear of the U.S. government, so they hoard military weapons for personal protection against the government of the United States of America.  And this week, the week before Christmas, in the spirit of the season, the leader of the NRA has given us a Christmas message which is exactly what Jesus would want: Put armed guards in every school, NRA leader Wayne LaPierre says

This is the paranoid gunnies answer to protect kids from assault weapons; what else but more guns.  Brilliant, the way to stop mass murders of children in elementary school is to arm the teachers and declare elementary schools as military zones.  So the game Red Rover could be Run For Cover while their teacher guns down invaders. How nuts is this?  Next Republicans will hire Clint Eastwood to guard the schools and tell all who would dare to enter – “make my day.”

48,000 were gunned down, shot dead, killed, inside the U.S. during the past 4 years. It is likely this carnage will be repeated.  Assault weapons make it easy to achieve such high causalities.  So considering all the deaths and the wounded who remain crippled and maimed, why all the debate?

Perhaps our President will just invoke executive privilege and run the country for the people.  He could start by creating a large mausoleum for all the gunnies, at the same time put all the unindicted Wall Street Bankers in there, add the Tea Party as a warning to the rest of Congress that does not protect the public good or rationally care about the common good – and finish by cramming in all the tax laws that confer special privileges on the already privileged.

There is no reason this needs to be so complicated, but obstruction takes many forms and cannot be dealt with unless there is a resolve to stop talking to obstructionists who jeopardize/sabotage the security of the future of America and indict them for treason.

The security of our country is on the line.  Saboteurs are trying to kill the middle class, and starve the Government for funds, and curtail entitlements (social nets to protect society from what happens when people fell abused and left out – the French Revolution, the Soviet Revolution and all the others that did not result in democracies.

When a Republic becomes less than Democratic all bets are off on the future.

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  1. Further thoughts on coming campaigns: last post I wrote I made it clear that, if a progressive candidate wins the presidency in 2016, we have to have plenty of progressives in place in both Congress and the state legislatures for that victory to mean much. Now, as MSNBC proceeds, I’m reminded of how many congressional (and, by extension, state legislatures as well) seats are nauseatingly ‘safe’ for the Greedy Oilmen’s Party.
    Which I guess brings us to step one: to ascertain, so far as we can, who is registered in every state legislature, state senate and congressional district. Because where the GOP seat is ‘safe’, chances are reasonably good that (unless the district is remarkably rich and in those districts we’ll have to either play up social liberalism or let them go) there will be a fairly large chunk of unregistered potential voters.
    Step two: go out and speak with the unregistered and make it clear that, if they want things to change for the better they’ll need to be (and make it explicit that they CAN be) the ‘lever’ for change.
    Step three: facilitate by every available means their registering to vote, including, if necessary, organizing carpools into the local registering places.
    Step four: get them OFF Faux News if at all possible and onto, say, MSNBC, Current, online news sources. Encourage the little groups which, God willing, we’ll be building up to link with one another and with other news sources such as EcoWatch.
    Much of this is what went on in the last two presidential elections: the difference here is we need to continue discussions, building up and maintaining the small groups and keeping progressive political pressure on between elections–and to bring out our expanding base for the midterm elections as well, not to mention turning out for them ourselves. So, let us either start and, for those who’ve already begun this necessary work, press ON–NOW! Now is the time to begin building, or re-building, a real American Left from the ground up!!