Custer’s last stand was not as tragic, but equally without merit.  The Republican religious, faith based war against progressives has suffered a mortal wound, Obama, the President without a birth certificate, has been re-elected by a stunning majority.  And the Party has gone South.

Pundits are pounding the dust looking for answers by interviewing the battered troops.  And the troops are pounding the same dust to find plausible excuses: America has changed and we did not know; guess we should be more accepting of illegal aliens; Romney was not a good candidate; maybe we should raise taxes on incomes over $500,000; do you think women want to control their own bodies; is rape rape; should we admit that Obama is American; maybe our pledge should be to our country and not Grover; atheists are evil; it’s the anti-christ; it’s the Mormons; we did not pray enough; and the best, most insightful answer was provided by the profoundly sincere O’Riley from deep within the bowels of his spin zone – “they want stuff.”

Some of us go through mid life crisis and deal with this by getting divorced, or going off with our biographer or resort to Freudian analysis by searching for penis envy.  Others start as teenagers, or later in life, with a therapist to look inward to find answers through self-examination leading to critical introspection and a path toward personal enlightenment.  Republicans resort to denial and avoidance which is in clear evidence on Fox, and more nuanced on MSNBC and CNN.  The major anchors have remained partially above the parsing.  However, Brian Williams sometimes cannot control his wit and concern for reality.

So what will happen to the grand ole party, the party of Lincoln, now riddled with prejudice and systemic ignorance?  Krauthammer, the shrink, might have the answers, but that’s a real long shot.  Maybe betting on some hot derivatives could at least return some of the money Rove blew on all the lying ads.  But lying can’t be the problem.  Oh, I just remembered a leading excuse; the lying ads did not start soon enough. But on a positive note, it’s a good thing the Chameleon never turned a shade of black.

Psycho therapy, to look inside one’s self,  is what some people resort to in a crisis. But this does not typify how Republican’s relate to the word of god delivered directly to them by their own men of God, who are His Sunday Morning conduits, firmly perched on pulpits of righteousness just like they were in the Dark Ages when science was metaphysics and the Sun was in a comfortable circle around the Earth bathing it in knowledge of the creation of man.  And Galileo was confined to house arrest for life because he postulated the Earth revolved around the Sun.

I think Republicans need to pray harder for a better path. Circling their wagons just might lead to a dialectic epiphany that reveals they are nasty, judgmental moralizing hypocritical, under informed, born again sinners (sin is nis spelled backwards to me).  This process of self reflection could lead to self realization and a commitment to achieve a modicum of personal growth to become disingenuously agreeable enough to be re-elected in 2014. Ask Bobby Jindal the creationist!

Or else Republicans, led by the chronically ignorant and insecure Tea Party will just cling to their bibles (and their family values) and the ultra rich job creators economic notion of trickle down “stuff;” and continue to reject what some people have learned in the last 400 years about science, Keynesian solutions, and about being nicer to their fellow human beings.

Maybe Republicans will just continue to circle their wagons to repress the truth of their revulsion for anyone not of the same complexion who does not subscribe to their blanket of protection which is the ignorance, and selfishness they live by in support of the ultra rich they serve relentlessly as mindless pawns.



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  1. john allison

    Mass hysteria…We were immune to Dubya’s rant’s & post 9-11 fear mongering ,We knew he was full of it…But His base , those True Believers , so easily motivated by fear , well the sucked up all his B.S. , and went stark raving mad..Call it Twin Towers Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome…They now believe their wildest liars ,or at least pretend to , in order to avoid being tossed from the group..(when scared shit less , one does not dare to go it alone) So they are temporarily insane..It’s that , or demonic possession ,take your pick..

  2. Amanda More

    Good article. I can’t figure out which paragraph to post. By being a group of haters no one now believes God is on their side. No, really. Question: Then why has it taken 30 years?