The morning after the pundits are out and parsing away!  From their insular posture of Washington familiarity, cynicism and self-anointed expertise they analyze how the campaigns were run and have awarded the Medal of Honor to David Plouffe, which is correct.  However, under the surface of their often jaded political points of view lurks some material substance that has been overlooked in their non partisan: never take a side; let all the flat earth defenders say anything without a rebuke – prone posture to defending truth; bathed in the light of their own brilliance.

Americans saw through the Republican onslaught of outright lies, and voted for the President who cared about the truth and the people.

These are the parsing pundits who viewed objective rebuttals to lies as – negative.  When the Republican’s decided to “disregard the fact checkers,” (translation:  lie their way to victory – no matter how blatant the lie – like “Chrysler’s Jeep was moving to China” and Romney saying that, “Obama followed his advice to let Detroit go bankrupt”) and disregard how clearly Americans – the ones Romney and Republicans think are living for Gov handouts – were listening.  The 47%!

These are the same 47% of Americans who were taught at their kitchen tables growing up – it is wrong to lie.  And enough other Americans remembered similar lessons.  This is apparent from the outcome.

The pundits agree that Hurricane Sandy provided a lesson in the need for Government and the importance of joining together as Americans.  It took an out of control woman to  remind a majority of Americans that two people from different sides of the political aisle can and must work together as fellow Americans for the common good.  Today there are more women in the Senate than ever, and I hope they focus their wrath on the lockstep Senators who love to filibuster against anything for the people!

It is also apparent that more Americans are concerned for the welfare of all Americans than the ones in the Tea Party and the New Republican Party who are not.

There is historical precedence to care about the people from an unlikely President – which took place only 4 decades ago.  Remember Richard M. Nixon, who at each days new dawning, uttered the phrase – “your President misspoke yesterday!”  And this fact from the life of “tricky Dick” was confirmed everyday by the always truthful, Ron Ziegler, Nixon’s press secretary, who should be known as the “Artful dodger.”  Perhaps Romney and his crew were devotees of Dicken’s fabled character.

Remember that Richard Nixon supported the importance of the common good – (apart from his paranoia and the cover up of his “dirty tricks,” which consisted of trying to fix his re-election as well as breaking into the Democrat Washington HQs in the Watergate Building).  Because Nixon supported health insurance for all Americans:

Nixon’s Plan For Health Reform, In His Own Word:

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  • President Richard Nixon’s Special Message to the Congress Proposing a Comprehensive Health Insurance Plan
  • February 6, 1974
  • From The American Presidency Project, University of California at Santa BarbaraTo the Congress of the United States:
  • One of the most cherished goals of our democracy is to assure every American an equal opportunity to lead a full and productive life.
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    • In the last quarter century, we have made remarkable progress toward that goal, opening the doors to millions of our fellow countrymen who were seeking equal opportunities in education, jobs and voting.Now it is time that we move forward again in still another critical area: health care.Without adequate health care, no one can make full use of his or her talents and opportunities. It is thus just as important that economic, racial and social barriers not stand in the way of good health care as it is to eliminate those barriers to a good education and a good job. …
It is instructive to remember this after so many lies from Republicans about Obama Care, and the $716 billion lie about raiding Medicare.  It is instructive to remember that this country was founded on the ethic> of the people, by the people and for the people.  Not — of the lobbyists, by the narcissistic greedy sociopaths who pay for the army of lobbyists, and for the greedy sociopaths.
So today is the time to applaud how many Americans can think and recognize the lies that attempted to disenfranchise the majority Americans from having a President who cares more about the common good than the Multi-National Corporations who only care about the lowest macro wage level and the maximization of profits, no matter what the cost to the country that provides them the freedom to disregard the common good, as well as the tax laws that make this sociopathic behavior legal.

January will be the time to focus on the fact that Dodd-Frank is a lie, because Dodd-Frank reform is a wolf in sheep’s clothing.

It is critically necessary to FIX WALL STREET BANKS TO AVOID A BIGGER MELTDOWN THAN 2008.  It is critical to shift the risk of their crazed greedy leverage back to the narcissistic sociopaths who create it.

So for the next weeks,  until January The 5th Estate will objectively inform you: what is so wrong with Wall Street Banks; the lies behind the need for Derivative Markets; why derivatives must be outlawed; and why if a complex security (derivative, financial-innovation, structured-securitized- investment) is too complex to explain it is unlawful to issue or sell.  We need to reign in all the sociopathic greed which is the root cause of the return of Social Darwinism that has metastasized into Financial Darwinism.  And what I spent two years writing about in How We Got Swindled by Wall Street Godfathers, Greed & Financial Darwinism ~ The 30-Year War Against the American Dream.  With a foreword by David Satterfield, the former business editor of the Miami Herald and 2 times Pulitzer Prize-winner, my book exposes all the parts that combined to cause the 2nd worst economy since 1776, and explains what Americans need to know to stop this from continuing and prevent it from happening again.

This is Satterfield’s endorsement from the back cover:

“With keen intellect and searing wit, Henry Schoenberger’s How We Got Swindled exposes the myriad of financial hijinks and colossal leadership failures that have turned the first decade of the new century into an economic disaster.  Schoenberger not only identifies the causes, rationales and human failings that led to this mess; he provides some ready answers for how we must go about fixing it.  This should be must-reading for every policy maker in Washington and every student of economics and finance.”

As we proceed forward all of us need to recognize the votes in lockstep against Obama have been votes against America.  And the cost of the war against our President can be measured in all the jobs not yet created; the continuing deterioration of our infrastructure; and the continuing anguish for so many Americans still out of work and the continuing financial inequality.

So we must pragmatically unite for the good of our society and fight back harder against the job creators whose only concern is building a higher pyramid of net worth.  And fight back harder against all media outlets that ran ads that were outright lies to stop this in the future because the 1st Amendment does not protect lies!  And do our best to inform the 4th Estate it has an obligation to objectively create informed public opinion –  that it is wrong to be non partisan about lies and wrong to be non-partisan about the truth – and wrong to term an objective truthful rebuttal, negative.

Go Obama, because America needs a President who accomplished so much in the face of rigid prejudice and unbridled self interest.

To go forward to create a fairer America for all it is time to deploy Justice against the sociopaths on Wall Street who have been primary culprits in fueling the mess we are in.  Culprits who persist in the flow of propaganda designed to continue their voracious greed and their unfettered playing field.  Now is the time to resuscitate a form of Glass-Steagall and the 1956 Bank Holding Company Act.

To be better informed keep checking for my future articles, and read my new book for free from Amazon Kindle starting this Friday!

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