Last night I watched Inherit the Wind with Spencer Tracy.  In case you do not remember this movie, it’s about the Scopes Trial, referred to as The Monkey Trial by the Press in 1925:

Timeline: Remembering the Scopes Monkey Trial : › NewsUS  —  Jul 5, 2005 – Eighty years ago, in July 1925, the mixture of religion, science and the public schools caught fire in Dayton, Tenn. The Scopes trial — or

Science was on trial. Charles Darwin and the heretic, John Thomas Scopes who dared to teach evolution, which was illegal according to Tennessee law, were demonized by the Judge and most of the town in 1925.  Members of the national Press from Chicago and the Northeast flocked to this small town to report with fascination on the ludicrous matter before the court, which was that it was illegal to confront the literal accuracy of the bible by teaching Darwin’s Theory of Evolution..

The central question in the trial:  you mean we are descendants of monkeys?

The press discovered a small town, and perhaps a state full of people, who lived inside their bibles picking passages out of context to support a self imposed prison of ignorance and denial.  These people rigidly believed in the six day biblical myth of creation, and that the world began 6,000 years ago.  So they never would have believed in the scientific fact of Global Warming in 1925.

Tennessee was not the only state in 1925 that had laws against the teaching of evolutionAnd this literal interpretation of the “book” which evangelist preachers and Elmer Gantrys refer to as – “the word of god,” has been lurking in walls and behind closed doors until Borat and the Tea Party made us aware of the great sea of ignorance that has persistently lived in the shadows of arcane obscurity until the Tea Partiers took control of the Republican Party.

The Perfect Storm of October 29, 2012, requires that the scientific basis of global warming be better addressed by all who still think on this Globe!  Especially in the United States considering the size of our economy which has been a major factor in causing Global Warming.  Most of the deniers have been influenced by their rigid adherence to a book that was written by men and rewritten by Constantine to be more in line with his thinking 300 years after the birth of Christ.  (The other deniers believe concern for our climate is a foolish business expense.)

Hurricane Sandy is the perfect time to recognize and acknowledge the preponderance of the science behind the fact of all the storms of the century, all the time now, all over the globe. It is time for all who think and not blinded by reactionary ignorance and the drive to return all of us to pre-Dark Age Theories, to take control of reality back from the termites who are flexing their muscles in the creation museum, just across the river from Cincinnati in Mitch McConnell land. It is time to stop greed from interfering with appropriate measures to counteract Global Warming

The Perfect Storm also reminds us that Romney has explicitly stated on national television that, if elected President, he would not allow the Federal Government to provide disaster relief!  He forcefully stated this should be the responsibility of the states (the states without enough funds for school lunch programs) or even better, disaster relief should be the responsibility of the private sector, let the private sector do it.

So Romney would put Bain in charge?

Romney, remember, is the great humanitarian who saved the Winter Olympics with funds provided by our Federal Government.  So he is for government spending to save the Olympics, but not his fellow Americans ravaged by a disaster beyond anyone’s control.  And now everyone can see how FEMA has responded under a President who cares about people.  Governor Christie has affirmed his admiration for how Obama has his back and the back of New Jersey. That is non partisan.

And in 2012:  the era of the H-Bomb, computers, space exploration, giant particle accelerators, E=MC2 and face book – the myth of creation lives on. The 13th Century theories of St. Thomas Aquinas that bound religion and metaphysics to science, which interfered with science for hundreds of years, and led to the Catholic Church’s Inquisition in the 17th Century.  This resulted in Galileo being condemned and confined to house arrest for the balance of his life for daring to postulate the Earth circled the Sun.  The Inquisition is not dead, but lives on in the body of the religious right, and all men everywhere who still fervently believe in the myth of creation, or in any religious, metaphysical fundamentalism.

For the last word on metaphysics: Saint Thomas Aquinas (Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy)









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