Faith is to believe and accept without question. And today’s “New Republican’s” are emblematic of the lack of critical thought afoot in the United States in the 21st Century. This election is a reflection of the faith voters inexorably set in opposition to any concern for the common good as well as a tribute to the gullibility of hoards of Americans who want to get in on “the good news” that they can rise to the top by blindly following those who would not sit next to them in a baseball stadium (unless they owned the box next-door).

Core beliefs: prejudice; birth certificates; Hawaii is not a state; creationism; the acceptance of the implausible without question; unbridled self interest; the free and rational market myth; trickle down supply-side economics; letem go bankrupt; not raising taxes on the ultra rich; pledging allegience to Grover ahead of the USA: hate for government: loathing for all who need public assistance: emergency room medical care; hypocrisy; nutra sweet and high fructose; Fox Views; ministers talk to god; legitimate rape; Stepford Wives – read amazing quotes -(; only Republicans should be allowed to vote, imposing their values obtained directly from Jesus (who was Jewish) on all of their neighbors (the whole country); empirical evidence is suspicious; zombies and the validity of the Salem Witch Trials.

The heart of Romney’s campaign is to appeal to Republican core beliefs. And Ryan is Romney’s personal symbol of how he has become “severely conservative.” So much depends on Romney’s ability to appeal to all the Republicans who can’t sleep at night knowing that Obama is sleeping in the “White” house, that Romney has become the chameleon he is really is – in public. This is confirmed by his campaign staffers referring to the constantly shifting sands of Romneyisms as – “etch a sketches!”

My father taught me that it is wrong to lie. I remember years ago, in the era of “Tricky Dick,” Ron Ziegler explained to Americans at each day’s dawning: “President Nixon “misspoke yesterday.” Today the new word for lying is: etch a sketch. Let’s use the real word for a change, let’s get real!

The scary thing is that Ryan could believe in what comes out of his mouth.

The media loves to parse, ad nauseum, the merits of Romney’s campaign, questioning if it is competent, how it needs to get on track. When the material substance is Romney’s lack of what is called character; and lack of core principles to fall back on when he does not know how to answer simple questions without revealing his true feelings. And it is obvious his true feelings are only a concern for money, his family and his Mormon Church; and self aggrandizement by becoming the president his father did not become.

Romney does not care about the poor, “because they are taken care of.” It is self evident does not care about the middle class, because his company, Bain Capital, has treated employees like chattel to be discarded whenever it is better for Romney’s net worth.

Romney has told Americans (inadvertently) that  he does not care about 47% of us, because Americans are shiftless victims, and lazy takers only interested in being on government dole, who don’t pay taxes anyway. So he has proposed a 20% tax cut which he knows will not apply to most of us, but will significantly reduce taxes for people at the top, the multi-millionaires and billionaires.  But Romney is not the elitist.

We should realize that Romney does not know alot about how to create jobs but does know a lot about how to ship jobs off shore  and elimanate jobs.  He  “likes to fire people’ (in fairness) ‘when they should be fired.”  And has specialized in cutting expenses in the short term for companies Bain acquired by cutting jobs to increase cash flow to pull out “dividends” that do not get taxed because – “corporations already paid a corporate tax of 35% so it’s only fair to not pay more tax.”

The strangest thing is that the “New Republicans” have carried out a war against Obama to get rid of him by voting against anything, like jobs bills (even one for returning troops) that would improve our economy and make the lives of millions of their fellow Americans better.

These “New Republicans” are the “values voters” who cling to their belief the Jesus who believed in helping the poor and loving your neighbors. Hypocrisy on high, the real religion of the christian right, which is a misnomer at best – wrong wingers makes more sense!

And lots of “New Republicans” must be socialists, because many are on Social Security and depend on their Medicare. Whew, it gets so complicated, because Obama is the elitist, not Romney – the man of the people.

The final irony is that guano can help your flowers grow, but Republican Core Beliefs can just make you dizzy.

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