E. Henry Schoenberger graduated from Miami University in Oxford, Ohio with a degree in English and Economics.  His new book – How We Got Swindled By Wall Street Godfathers, Greed & Financial Darwinism ~ The 30-War Against The American Dream is not the book of a professor to impress scholarly colleagues, or the book of a businessman impressed by his own ego.  But the book of a securities insider whistle-blower and thinker, with an ingrained concern for people.

Swindled was written to objectlively inform the public that the root cause of the 2nd worst economy since 1776 and this vast chasm of economic inequality  is the reincarnation of Social Darwinism metastasized into Financial Darwinism –  based on the ethic of – survival of the richest. 

David Satterfield, who wrote the foreword, is the former business editor of the Miami Herald and winner of 2 Pulitzers;  who also furnished this endorsement  on the back cover:

With keen intellect and searing wit, Henry Schoenberger’s How We Got Swindled exposes the myriad of financial hijinks and colossal leadership failures that have turned the first decade of the new century into an economic disaster.  Schoenberger not only identifies the causes, rationales and human failings that led to this mess; he provides some ready answers for how we must go about fixing it.  This should be must-reading for every policy maker in Washington and every student of economics and finance.” —  David Satterfield, 2 times Pulitzer Prize-winner.

Schoenberger has served in a variety of roles in the financial world.  In 1968 he was among the earliest financial planners in the US.  He provided testimony to Senate Finance for TRA 86, at the request of George Mitchell, Senate Majority leader. He has specialized in succession planning for individuals and closely-held companies, and investment advice for over four decades: as a general agent in the insurance and as the former owner of an  NASD Member Firm broker-dealer specializing in real estate private placements.   He has been a consultant to national real estate sponsors as well as small business owners.  Concurrently he participated in investment banking – raising equity for venture capital start-ups, and stepped in as the CEO to save a distillation company from the original founder.

In 1990, his first book – Invest for Success, How To Avoid Getting Ripped off by Real Estate Partnerships, the Stock Market and Diversification – became a national critical success because it armed readers with questions to ask to elicit answers no one volunteers; and warned about the distinction between financial investment and real investment.  When invited by an officer of Miami University to speak to honor finance students, the Chairman of the department said: “Invest for Success” was “the equivalent of a PhD thesis published as a trade book.” Schoenberger has authored articles in professional journals and mainstream publications.

From 45 years of tax related specialization; and from 25 years of teaching his CPE course to CPAs, Bank Trust Officers and Attorneys – he knows what so many do not know about tax law.  And he understands how Congress has used our tax code to conduct Social Engineering – which too often means tax benefits for special interests.

As a poet-philosopher and objective pragmatist his bifurcated eclectic point of view combines human needs and wants with economic realities.  However, unlike most PhDs, he has successfully lived on the inside of what he writes about.  And as a critical student of economics and life long political junkie ( from the day his father gave him an “I like Ike” button) he knows the fallacious supply-side trickle-down theory/ruse is a lie to promote more net worth for the ultra rich.���� He knows a lot about what he knows; and a lot about what he does not know – which is equally important.

Convinced from the end of the 80s that Financial Darwinism was a growing cancer on the soul of our economy and society – his warning letters to Congress and his Financial Darwinism outline from his CPE courses have been included in Swindled’s appendixes.

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