As 2014 approaches, the GOP furor over access to health insurance for millions of Americans has become a din of GOP lies emanating from their growing state of chronic flatulence derived from a silly suspicion that people will like having affordable access to medical care.   After all, who wants to die prematurely as hundreds of thousands of Americans have that could not get medical care without health insurance.  Health insurance means the ability to afford to remain alive, or not live with unset broken bones, or not lose vision for no good reason or die from diabetes.

Congressional Republicans have good reasons to be against health insurance (and food stamps because Jesus would have been against this as Bill O’Reilly has correctly pointed out) – here a few of the many GOP echoes…from either personal bowels or media bowls which are just as smelly: hours ago   (Dec 5, 2013)…U.S. Rep. Trey Gowdy hopes voters remain riled up over the botched Obama care rollout when the midterm elections roll around in November 

 Fox News (blog)-Dec 4, 2013…Conservatives are also launching a counter-offensive on HC.. highlighting stories of problems with the ACA. The New York Times today open 

Northwest Herald-Dec 4, 2013…They irresponsibly packed it with far too many additional provisions, leading to Nancy Pelosi’s infamous statement that ACA would need to be 

Forbes-Dec 1, 2013…Now, at almost the same point in his second term, the ACA looks to be DOA, and its disastrous rollout looks to engulf this administration.

National Review Online (blog)-Dec 2, 2013…All eyes have been focused on the functionality of the website — or the lack thereof — since its launch October 1. But another 

Texas wants background checks for health-care navigators Cached Similar Cornyn Demands Dismantling Of Obamacare Navigator Program.…/tedcruz-repeal-obamacare_n_4321125.htm…Cached Nov 22, 2013 – WASHINGTON — Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas), a leader in the anti-Obamacare showdown that shut the federal government last month, is plotting …

Everyone knows the GOP/Teaparty is against all social welfare – but the Affordable  Care Act is their Waterloo.  After 42 votes in the House to quash it, and all the lies, the website is becoming functional.  And as millions of Americans get health insurance for the first time, even their brain dead racist neighbors will start to realize they are getting left behind.

So this is where my background comes into play, not having access is easy to understand.  There has been a lot of  discussion about pre-existing conditions that have been an insurmountable problem for the millions of Americans without health insurance;  but little or no discussion about millions of covered people with conditions that preclude an ability to shop for a better or less expensive alternative to their existing plan.  Even if an employer is sharing the cost – it is possible for anyone with a net income below $38,000 to qualify for significant premium sharing from ACA.  And you can bet this encompasses a lot of people who will be astonished as the amount of premium sharing is better known.

My wife has individual coverage through the Council of Small Business Enterprises of the Cleveland Growth Association, with Medical Mutual of North Eastern Ohio as the insurer.  She has a chronic condition, fibromyalgia, which is managed, and is otherwise in perfect health, including weight, but would not have been able to change from Med Mutual in the past.

Coverage for her now costs $523 per month for a $7,000 deductible plan, which was $300 per month less than a $5,000 deductible.  Because  my wife’s  medical costs have not exceeded $3,000 historically in one year –  the $7,000 deductible ($7,000 out of pocket before any insurance payments) was a more cost effective approach.

The following information is directly from – as a result of ACA this is now available from the same carrier – Medical Mutual:

Market HSA 2000 – Gold

PPO | Gold


Apply Details

Monthly premium


adult-only plan (for one adult)



Per individual



Per individual maximum


Primary Doctor: No Charge after deductible
Specialist Doctor: No Charge after deductible
Generic Prescription: No Charge after deductible
ER Visit: No Charge after deductible

If your adjusted gross income was below $38,000 the silver plan, the plan available for government “premium sharing,” would be about $130 per month with $1,000 deductible and benefits similar to the Gold for a woman in her mid 50s  So the color is not as important as the details when there is Government premium support.

What about all the people that could not have obtained coverage prior to ACA?  Is it logical the GOP is in denial that ACA will become popular?   Stop listening to all the reasons why young single adults will not sign up.  My two daughters would not live like that, nor would their friends or the vast majority of  people fortunate to have a job.  And if younger adults’ adjusted gross incomes qualify, the cost will make it compelling to be smart.  Anyone who wants the security of having at least catastrophic coverage will have favorable cost effective approaches that remove the insecure nature of living without coverage.

The website has been a disaster before now, especially because of so much interest and the critical need to finally be able to obtain coverage.  The media has done the public a terrible disservice parsing the website into the ground – which allowed Teapubicans to loudly proclaim how flat the world is.  However, when more and more Americans test the waters, the Teapublicans will live to regret their war against ACA, and the ones who are not totally brain dead know it.

So now is the time for progressives to yell about the benefits, and start campaigning against all the GOP liars who are up for election in 2014, and take our Democracy back.

If Nelson Mandela could stop Apartheid in South Africa, surely American Progressives and Independents can restore our Democracy to a society that cares about social welfare and economic fairness again.

The more Republicans maintain a constant vigilance to protect their Teaparty base from the horrors of death panels and “socialized medicine” – the kind of health insurance we buy for Congress and pay 1oo% for, the closer sociopathic liars like Cruz, Rand, Paul, Ryan, Cantor, Boehner and McConnell are to extinction.

Democrats must become vocal about this, and relentlessAll Democrats must shout out the benefit of access and better benefits with fairer costs for most Americans – as well as significant government premium support for people who need it.  Congressional Democrats need to show some leadership in lieu of trying to determine the wind direction.  Now is the time to seize this opportunity and steer a steady course, people will get it – even some Red and Blue State Teapublicans.  Who knows, single payer could be just around the corner.

When a Teapublican’s neighbor who did not have coverage prior to ACA suddenly gets sick and has coverage that saves a life or a pocketbook, the news will spread and the Republican crazed onslaught against something that only makes sense will be revealed for the outright disgusting lies the onslaught has been.

Democrats need to make the distinction between socialism and social welfare of beneficial interest to individuals and our society. Maybe even the press will get this if Democrats stop being defensive and start praising and promoting their own strengths.

Our President is stepping up to the line, and now each Democrat member of Congress and every Democrat running against any Teapublican, especially the incumbents who voted 42 times in lockstep against ACA, has a duty to yell at the obscene idiots who are obstructing the public good.

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