Exercising great wisdom, some GOP Senate members are for a vote to enable a debate on background checks on the floor of the Senate. Probably for optics to be on the rational and sane side of the record. Even if the Senate votes for background checks, GOP Senators know their Teapublican House brethren will not support a ban on checks – even when 85% of all Americans want stricter gun control laws – stricter means some. How wonderful is it that some Senators seem to be willing to have a debate about the self-evident? Self-evident means obvious truth – which is the fact that all the lethal military weapons, bullets that leave gaping holes in dead children, clips that contain tons of rounds of ammo to be able to massacre people as fast as possible are against the best interests of Americans. So let’s applaud the possibility of some “non partisan” chance to discuss the obvious on the floor of the Senate?  Think about how crazy this sounds.

The two Senate leaders, Toomey and Manchin, are boasting about their A rating from the NRA, because the underlying and controlling rancid substance of gun mania is that the creationist religious wrong wingers and their sociopathic leaders are for gun manufacturers and not for people. And there are Democrats, in what are called gun states, that also are more wary of the NRA than the people they have been elected to serve. We the people who fund Senate and House member’s pensions, health insurance, travel junkets and office jobs in Washington for their relatives.

We are paying the GOP to blockade Congress and the Democrats ought to boycott Congress with picket lines until the Teaparty stops the blockade.

GOP Senators, led by McConnell the Hateful, have voted in lockstep against Obama from the beginning. Teapublican Senators (formerly called the GOP) are in sync with the House Teapublicans who are against health insurance for all the people without, for not raising taxes on those who can afford it the best – and for all the measures which continue historically high levels of financial inequality. So the gun manufacturer’s profits are far more important than restricting the god given right and freedom to kill as many Americans as effectively as possible in a brief moment.

The people in Congress most vigorously against regulating lethal weapons and the ease of acquiring them are the family values, conservative wrong wing creationists, who so fervently believe in God and Jesus they are willing to smash their treasured 10 Commandments in their moralizing family values existence. Isn’t killing covered by a commandment?

Our president, who Teapublicans hate (because of his complexion, let’s be honest) has flown many of the parents of some of the children massacred in Newtown, on Air Force One to Washington to confront Congress about their lack of humanity. So get ready for Ted Cruz, Cantor, Boehner and Graham, McConnell to question the cost of the trip – a trip to save America from the lethal ability to fire hundreds of rounds of military ammo at kids.

The always sincere Daryl Issa will probably call a committee to investigate and McCain will switch sides whenever he feels a strong breeze brewing that will get him on Morning Joe.  But what is this debate about? The 2nd amendment or the right for gun manufacturers to enjoy a free market at the expense of so many children and all the others lost forever to a plethora of guns.

Freedom is sacred in the US. And no word evokes more emoting than putting free in front of everything. Free markets, unrestricted and unregulated led to the first Depression and this one. But should unrestricted freedom include: too big to fail banks; totally unrestricted Free Speech; or the totally unrestricted free right to own lethal military weapons – concealed or not?

Free Speech has restrictions, including lying in political ads or shouting fire in a crowded theater. But guns and bullets with the ability to fire rapid destruction at living people cannot be restricted?  What’s the debate about?

Sociopathic greedy narcissists who do not want anyone’s profits to be curtailed by any regulations or laws, no matter how sensible and beneficial to humanity?  This is the real underlying issue along with feeding as much paranoia as possible to all the people relying on the power of prayer ahead of the power of rational thought. And the NRA is a figurehead for all the money behind all the guns.

Wayne LaPissoir, sociopath, is the leader of paranoia creation. He is a well-paid Koch pawn, so doesn’t care about all the tragedy flowing from his zealot support of guns for decades. However, today there are growing numbers of NRA members not for the proliferation of all the lethal weapons, or the large magazines full of cop killer bullets. NRA members are included in the 90% of Americans for background checks.  But, the gun show business could suffer (how tragic) and so the manufacturers have whipped Wayne LaPissoir* into a frenzy of bat crap crazy verbal behavior – of such proportions that an ordinary lunatic would have had a psych intake done and been institutionalized years ago.

*Pee in the Last Parisian “Pissoir” Before It’s Gone Forever – NileGuide

Feb 23, 2011 – The traditional cylindrical pissoirs – which the French called vespasiennes, after the Roman emperor Vespasian who imposed a tax on urine …

What is the problem with our elected representatives? If it is re-election, then maybe they better get on board with their constituents and forget about their NRA rating and campaign contributions funneled from the weapons manufacturers and start kissing voter ass – which is beginning to happen in the Senate, but will not be the case in the house where the Teapublican infiltration began!

Toomey Boosts Hope For Expanded Background Checks

Senator Toomey is reportedly negotiating a background check deal with Senator Joe Manchin (D-WV), one of just six Democratic senators with an “A” grade from the National Rifle Association. Toomey — a former president of the Club for Growth who is consistently rated as one of the most conservative members of the Senate — would provide significant political cover for Republicans to support a gun reform deal. …

The Washington Post reported over the weekend that Senator Toomey is now negotiating a background check deal with Senator Joe Manchin (D-WV). Manchin, who is one of just six Democratic senators with an “A” grade from the National Rifle Association, has been desperately seeking Republican support for new gun safety regulations since the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting in December. …

Toomey’s support would be a major boost for any bill that seeks to strengthen gun safety laws. Several Senate Republicans — including right-wing favorites Mike Lee (R-UT), Rand Paul (R-KY), and Ted Cruz (R-TX) — have vowed to filibuster any attempts to bring gun reform legislation to the floor, meaning that 60 votes will likely be necessary to pass any bill. Toomey, who is a former president of the Club for Growth and is consistently rated as one of the most conservative members of the Senate, would provide significant political cover for Republicans to support expanded background checks. … 

So Pennsylvania now knows that Toomey is on a barely perceptible path toward making sense which might help him get re-elected. And of course McCain has not indicated what he will do, but we know where three of the worst treasonous blockaders of Congress were – on stand by to filibuster in the Senate.

The ACLU should bring a civil suit against Lee, Paul and McCarthy sound-alike Cruz for blockading the public good!

Guess politicians can sometimes suffer from paranoia based on the reality of being criminally wrong, (insane?) or, as most are lawyers, contributory negligence. Who knows, background checks now, and later funding for a scientific study of Teaparty inhumanity toward mankind – what would Jesus think? You’ll have to ask all the evangelist’s men of the cloth – because they have the conduit to what God and Jesus would say.  Isn’t one of their commandments about the sin of killing?

A List of the 10 Commandments: (allegedly from God)

1. Do not worship other gods. (The 1st three are only for deists.)
2. Do not worship idols.
3. Do not misuse God’s name.
4. Keep the Sabbath holy. 4a. Except for free enterprise and profits.
5. Honor your father & mother. 5a. Like they honor you.
6. Do not murder. 6a. Thou shall not enable murderers.
7. Do not commit adultery. 7a. Thou may disappear from So. Carolina to commit adultery, but only in So. America and if Jesus is in your heart.
8. Do not steal. 8a. Thou shall not deal with Halliburton.
9. Do not lie. 9a. Thou shall not lie about reasons to go to war, especially atomic bombs.
10. Do not covet. (Needs to be better explained)

Given to Moses on Mount Sinai – Exodus 20 & Deuteronomy 5 (and modernized above).

Clearly the people in Congress who are the most zealot supporters of the NRA and of lethal weapons manufacturers are the creationist family values crowd, who believe in accepting Jesus who “died for their sins,” and all the other members of Congress who fear LaPissoir.

But what about all the dead children and everyone else killed by all the weapons, who did they die for? And all the media hype now is about if there will be a vote to be able to have a vote? (WTF!)

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