The annual assemblage of America’s and the world’s most prominent living Creationist Thinkers, Congressional Saboteurs and White Nationalists is about to convene.

This is always an exciting event for the media who loves to parse the straw in manure; and there will be lots of manure.  The prejudiced social conservatives who are the gay bashers, the anti- Semites, the Sharia Law doomsayers and haters of public education will be in full view as they vociferously attack anyone and anything different from their narrow and paranoid world view.

The evils of women’s choice and the benefits of laissez faire, supply side economics (the kind that caused our current depression) will be tossed around like a medicine ball in peripatetic circle jerk.

All the leading thinkers will be there: Romney, Rand, Palin, Perry, Sanctimonious Sanitarium, Cruz – McCarthy stand in, and of course – Boehner, Cantor, Ryan and McConnell. Don’t forget Jeb Bush who, in 2000, did his sincere best to disenfranchise voters by having blocked access to voting booths from 1 ½ miles away with state highway patrol cars – in all black districts.

And nothing changes in Florida:  because this year Desiline Victor, a 102 year old American woman, was forced to stand  in line for 6 hours to vote.  Desiline Victor is  a true American Hero standing up for everyone’s  freedom,  in defiance of Teapublican Saboteurs who did their best to block her right to vote – as well as all Americans in every Democratic precinct  in every State in the U.S.  with a Republican Governor.    

Is it treason to block the right to vote?                   

This will be another exciting moment in American History, a history riddled with racism and self-interest yet a country that somehow has survived in spite of itself.  It is extraordinary that we have survived men like John Hagee, the most revered religious leader of the creationists and American Social Conservatives.  There is not much that he has not bashed including Atheists, the one group that has not produced the normal amount of mass murderers, but did produce many of our founding fathers.   Here is a typical Hagee rant and some biographical accomplishments:

John Hagee – YouTube

► 1:52► 1:52 Jun 5, 2012 – Uploaded by RWWBlog– because-they-are-not

Pastor John Hagee Scandal – Heresy, Fraud, Adultery and…church…/910/              Cached – Similar

by Joel Gross – in 50 Google+ circles – More by Joel GrossMay 5, 2008 – Megachurch Pastor John Hagee cheated on his wife, then took $1.2 million dollars in benefits from his Cornerstone Church & television

I sure hope the White Nationalists will speak at CPAC again this year as they did in 2012; they could well be the “missing link.”  Whatta Darwinian surprise for the creationists! 

White Nationalists Share Spotlight With GOP at CPAC – Real Clear…/white_nationalists_share_spotlight_with…Cached

Feb 11, 2012 – White Nationalists Share Spotlight With GOP at CPAC website regularly publishes the work of white supremacist and antiSemitic writers.

What else can I say; it doesn’t get better than this. And tomorrow I am leaving the country, but I can’t find a better place.

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    That is the best description of CPAC — ever!