The Debt Ceiling Showdown is all about the War Against the Middle Class.  And I am tired of the Tea Party being the poster child – oops (re: R. Perry), excuse for the inhumanity and ignorance of today’s Republican Party.

Nothing is over until the fat lady sings or the GOP becomes concerned for the wellbeing of their fellow Americans.  This will date me, but Kate Smith the fat lady famous for singing “God Bless America” needs to return from the dead to sing this to the GOP.

Where is Republican knowledge of Keynesian economic theory that clearly was instrumental in getting America out of the Great Depression in the 30s; and where has a rational understanding of the concept of the national debt/deficit spending gone?  And why is the total lack of concern for fellow Americans not decried in all the creationist evangelical churches, which supposedly believe in what Jesus was thought to have taught?

So, once again, the GOP brand of Americans playing the charade – Care About the Deficit – is in full swing subverting and obstructing our financial ability to fund all sorts of expenditures already voted for/committed to – by the hostage takers as well as Democrats.  

Economic ignorance is the GOP’s badge of courage. Each day GOP spokesmen preach austerity, in the shadows of the Bush  majority years which: cut taxes (reducing government revenue), spent our country into the ground clinging to “defense spending” and wars to enrich their military-industrial backers –  who hire a mercenary army of lobbyists to keep great Americans like – McConnell, Boehner, Cantor, DeMint and Ryan in their back pockets.

Americans want to know where the leadership is.  And are confounded by all the “partisanship politics,” translation: the usual and customary GOP obstruction of the public good.  It is against the public good to hold a gun to the public good of 98% of all Americans in the name of reducing the deficit.

A lot has been written about how putting the U.S. into default will disrupt our government, and anyone now dependent on government funding, as well as give rating agencies (who issued fraudulant AAA ratings) gas.

However, this act of supreme ignorance will exacerbate our current depression which continues for so many millions of Americans; and could cause the kind of market distress that just might be the detonator to implode $700 Trillion to $1.2 Quadrillion Derivatives (with no foundational value) – or is it explode?  (Refer to past posts about the looming “financial plague.”)

The Tea Party/Republicans may believe the Debt Ceiling Showdown is a good way to teach Washington a lesson about not spending so much and about why smaller government is better, but this is a faith based approach similar to their belief in Creationism.  Pre Dark Age thinkers are not what America needs at this precarious juncture in our economy and societal concerns.

Can Kantor, Leader John and Mitch really be as dumb as Paul Ryan is about economic theory?  Clearly the Tea Party members of Congress are unbelievably ignorant, but not just about economics, it seems most are creationists who sit in corners sucking on their bibles for wisdom, while smoldering in hate for all neighbors who are different.  The Tea Party rantors are backed up by their zealot Dark Age form of faith, as well as the Koch Brothers – the driving force behind the non-profit “foundation” from which the Tea Party derives financial support and invaluable emotional succor.

Born again Social Darwinism metastasized into Financial Darwinism is the underlying ethic of the sociopathically greedy narcissists who promote and foment Tea Party/Republican ignorance, and their Deficit Obsession. (Households do not have a federal bank to manage deficit spending – the favorite Republican analogy/strategy to attack current defict spending.)

From How We Got Swindled by Wall Street Godfathers, Greed & Financial Darwinism ~ The 30-Year War Against the American Dream:

Social Darwinism was simply a belief in the creative force of greed and that the survival of the fittest is ethical and the manifest destiny of the best and brightest practitioners. Charles Darwin’s theories were based on his postulate of natural selection, and natural selection, or evolution, did not mean that a shark’s role in life was to gobble up everything it was capable of eating. Social Darwinism had nothing to do with Darwin.

Since 1980, there has been a relentless pursuit to return to Laissez-faire, unfettered capitalism. Economists like Milton Friedman and Alan Greenspan (and Phil Graham) joined by other prominent, well respected economists believed that greed was a driving force to grow a strong economy and that deregulation to return to a state of free enterprise would allow markets the freedom to self-correct….

It is self evident, in the daylight of our continuing economic devastation that a – leave me alone philosophy to do whatever I want no matter what – in the name of FREEDOM – is against the public good. And this return to the “I don’t give a shit about people philosophy,” only 120 years after the US National Guard killed striking workers, is obviously only for the good of the greediest. Maybe we need Laissez-faire drug policies. What if your children adopted the philosophy of a belief in non interference parenting? Some of us…

This is the pathology underlying Romney’s belief that 47% of Americans want the government to take care of them, and why O’Reilly thinks Americans just want to be “given stuff.”  For the past 30 years Social Darwinism has metastasized into is the new ethic of Financial Darwinism – which is survival of the richest.  And this form of sociopathic greed is the philosophy behind holding the public good hostage to cuts in programs that benefit society as a whole.

The GOP wants to slash Social Security and Medicare for 98% of us, but has no problem taking government paid for health insurance and an exceptionally fat pension.  Hypocrisy is their middle name and the faith they practice 24/7.

Americans are starting to get this on both sides of the aisle outside the beltway bubble.  It is time to fight back against the war against the middle class – it is time to expose these idiots and kick them out of government for the future of our children – who they claim to be so worried about when they play Care About the Deficit.

To hold America hostage, to force America into default is worse than Treason.



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